LIV Swiss Watches: Redefining Swiss Automatic Watches

LIV Watches

LIV Watches

The watch industry is a massive stadium for the exquisite and wondrous creations of man. Among them are the beautiful and outstanding LIV Watches. LIV Watches endeavor to redefine Swiss automatic watches so that they become more accessible not only to watch collectors and enthusiasts, but more importantly to people who are in the search for the ultimate watch they can own for a lifetime.

The LIV Watches launched the LIV Design Challenge in 2012 where some of the world’s best designers convened to come up with a unique and remarkable design for the LIV watch.  This transpired after LIV’s founder, Chaz, was dissatisfied from the market’s offering and realized that the watch industry is missing out an affordable Swiss watch brand. He envisioned a Swiss timepiece that is accessible to all in terms of price and embodies fashion, quality, and strength. Hence, the birth of the widely-acclaimed LIV watches.

Chaz draw his inspiration of the ultimate watch from and for The LIV Man. This man is masculine, rugged, and at the same time, a trendsetter when it comes to being effortlessly fashionable and detail-oriented. Since it first launched its flagship Genesis X1 in 2014, the same LIV watch became the most backed Swiss Watch project on Kickstarter to date after reaching the $30,000 funding goal in just 11 hours and with over 500 pieces sold across the globe. Genesis X1 features the infusion of history and tradition in creating unparalleled quality and precision as it was crafted with utmost care and workmanship. Each piece is handcrafted with thought, detail, and passion, all of which make it standout.

Today, LIV Watches continue to impress more and more people as the name reaches more places and touches more lives. As this watch brand caters to your needs and preferences in terms of watchmaking, expect to see more majestic, stellar, and cutting edge timepieces from LIV watches. LIV Watch is guided to bring out the LIV Man in you, but dares to speak of your greatness from your individuality.


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