May 2016 Giveaway: Amazon Gift Card Worth $200

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway - Gracious watch

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway - Gracious watch

I had just contacted the winner of the month of April. I will be updating on the winner page soon as I am still awaiting his reply. Please stay tune.

Ever since I had started Gracious Watch Giveaway 8 months ago, I have always wanted to give away Amazon gift card to my readers. I think this is a good alternative as this allows the winner to make his/her own decision to purchase a watch to his/her liking.

This is the first time Gracious Watch is holding an Amazon gift card contest. I am not sure what the respond will be, I will just go ahead and try nonetheless. Please let me know which you prefer in the comment section below as I can have a better glimpse of what you guys like (leaving a comment will qualify you as a contestant to our May 2016 giveaway contest).

I know that $200 is not a lot of money to buy a branded watch, but I will work harder to increase the amount as time goes by – either through Amazon gift card or give away a higher priced watch – this I promise you.

I do not like sharing my personal financial struggle with you but I just thought it is worth your knowing. For now, I do not earn a lot of money and I am struggling financially whether you believe it or not. Gracious Watch online boutique (Singapore) was launched just a month ago. Most of my capital was thrown into this venture.

Right now, this is not an easy phase for me but you do not have to worry cause I will definitely rise up again.

Without further ado, let me quickly share with you on the rules of the giveaway.

How to Participate:

  1. Leave a comment below. Not on our Facebook page or anywhere else.
  2. In the first sentence of your comment, please share with us which you prefer – an Amazon gift card or a watch giveaway similar to all of our previous giveaways? Please share with us WHY too. 
  3. Please leave a comment by using a valid email address

Bookmark our winner page in your browser and check back at the end of the month. Winner will be announced when the giveaway is over on May 31, 2016

If possible, please follow or like any of the links below:

Terms & Condition:

  1. We will contact the winner at random at the end of the giveaway month. Winner will have up to 48 hours to provide us with full shipping detail otherwise we will pick a new winner
  2. To make sure you receive emails from us, white-list our email address: [email protected](how to white-list an email address) to avoid having our emails in your spam folder
  3. Comments received after the contest period will not be eligible to that particular month contest. Please participate in the next month contest instead.
  4. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive updates on the contest. We will let you know as soon as a contest is available for your participation.

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