Introducing McDowell Time DelRay

Watches have been in this world more than us and way longer than we imagined. History suggests that watches emerged in the 17th century and through time, have developed into the timepieces we know today. While some watches today look forward and pays attention in creating advanced or modern pieces, paying tribute to a significant person, era, place, or event in the past is another thing. One remarkable brand you should not dare miss, especially so if you want a reinvented classic timepiece, is the McDowell Time DelRay Watch.

McDowell Time now comes with a fresh and good-looking timepiece that is inspired by the WWI trench style wristwatch. Trench watch was used by military during World War I as pocket watches were not suitable or practical for combat. It incorporated the features of both the pocket and wrist watches.  For people who have a deep fascination with classic looking timepieces, but looks for the modern taste, then it is time that you get yourself the DelRay timepiece from McDowell Time.

DelRay is the modern take on the clean and classic design of WWI trench watch. It features the vintage round case and lugs and the updated hybrid auto-quartz movement. The 44mm diameter of the timepiece conveys bold wrist presence without going for an oversized watch.  It is designed with a 22mm strap give the watch a sense of balance. The construction of the watch from high quality materials makes each piece durable and definitely built to last. Furthermore, DelRay takes pride of the Seiko YT57 movement that features the benefits of both the automatic and quartz watches. The hybrid mechanism is a result of the combination of rotation mass converted to electrical energy.

The McDowell Time DelRay watch has more to offer. Make it a reality and show your support by funding or backing their Kickstarter campaign.