Men’s Surf Watches – The Best Water Resistant Tide Watches

Surfing is a world-famous sport and it can sometimes be dangerous too. This is where men’s surf watches come in. Everything that a surfer wears and uses should be able to withstand the water and some minor collisions so that it can keep on functioning properly for a longer period.

A regular watch will just not do and that is why you need to find the perfect surf watch. People seem to forget that there is a lot planning that a person must do before he begins to surf.

These watches are not only rugged and waterproof but they are also able to show the right information to the user.

There are many different men’s surf watches that you can find. Below you will find some of the best surf watches on the market.


Vestal Men’s The Brig Watch

If you going surfing, then you should at least make sure that you are doing it in style.

The Vestal Men’s The Brig Watch is a watch that screams nothing but style. It is a simple looking watch that is full of unique features.

The watch looks absolutely elegant and will reflect your personality when you are surfing.

One of the key features that the Vestal Men’s The Brig watch is that it can track tides for over 200 beaches in the world.

It has a digital tide graph along with a training mode. It has a 44 mm case and is water resistant till 100 m.

So, in theory you can take this watch swimming or snorkeling but not scuba diving because that can damage the watch.


Rip Curl Men’s Rifle’s Tide Digital Watch

If you are looking for a watch that is packed with function then look no further. Rip Curl Men’s Rifle’s Tide Digital Watch is the perfect watch for any surfer.

It costs just $112 which makes it one of the most affordable option.

The watch is water resistant till 100 m and has quartz movement.

It is needless to say that the Rip Curl men’s surf watches look anything short of elegant.

Anyone wearing this watch will feel different because that is just one of its qualities.

The watch has a calendar display and its most useful feature is tide tracking. With the help of this feature, the watch can tell you which areas have higher tides and have fewer tides.



Casio Sport Watch

The first watch on this list is this Casio Sport Watch, the watch looks absolutely beautiful and more importantly it is rugged.

The watch is an ideal surf watch and for the price there is nothing better that you can find.

The Casio Sport men’s surf watches are equipped with all of the functions that you would want in a watch.

For starters, the Casio Sport watch is water resistant till 200 M and it is also magnetic resistant.

It has a backlight with afterglow and dual time. There is calendar along with a 1/100 second stopwatch.

Depending on your preference you can also switch between 12 and 24 hour format.

The watch is made in the USA and has Quartz movement.

So, if you are looking for the right surf watch for yourself then this watch will not be a bad choice.


Freestyle USA Shark Clip Watch

If you are a person who likes a different style of watches then the Freestyle USA Shark Clip Watch.

It is a surf watch that has a retro design. The colors on this watch are not something that you see every day.

The watch is full of bright colors that will surely brighten up your day and when you wear this watch then it will be a head turner.

Unique design and colors are not the only things that the Freestyle USA Shark Clip watch offers.

Since it is first a surf watch therefore it is loaded with features, the watch shows the complete calendar. It is 33mm shock resistant and water resistant till 100 m.

This means that the Freestyle USA Shark Clip watch is not only good for surfers but you can also wear it while swimming and snorkeling.

It has a digital display with Japanese Quartz movement.


Casio Anti-Magnetic G-Shock Watch

As the name suggests the Casio Anti-Magnetic G-Shock Watch watch is designed specially to resist magnetism.

Magnetism is something that can disturb the accuracy of the watch. This is something that you don’t want as you want your time to be exact.

According to research if your watch is exposed to magnetism frequently then it will affect the time by 15 seconds each month.

The Casio Anti-Magnetic G-Shock watch is a watch that has many features. To name a few this watch has Quartz movement and is manufactured in the USA.

It is water resistant till 200 M and is also shock resistant. The watch also has a calendar built in.

It is perfect especially if you are a surfer.


Rip Curl Cambridge

If you are looking for a more luxurious watch then you need to by the Rip Curl Cambridge.

It is simply a beautiful watch that is well built and rugged.

The watch band is made of silicone which is perfect for people who are seek adventure.

Aside from being durable the watch band is also comfortable. It is water resistant till 100 m.

If you are looking for a surf watch that is different from all others then the Rip Curl Cambridge is the way to go.


Men’s surf watches

These were some of the best men’s surf watches that you should know about.

If you are a surfer then you will know that you cannot wear a regular watch during surfing.

This is because a regular watch is not designed to withstand those conditions.

Therefore, companies have come up with especial watches known as surf watches.

Aside from being durable and comfortable, these surf watches are equipped with many useful features.

So, if you are surfer who cannot decide what watch to wear then choose from this list.