Michael Kors Midsized Chronograph Gold Tone Women’s Watch MK5055 Review

Michael Kors Midsized Chronograph Gold Tone Women's Watch MK5055
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  • Design
    Editor: 82%
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Review Summary:

A watch that’s incomparable with anything else in design and quality, this watch by Michael Kors will give you that vamped up look you’ve been looking for.


  • With a classy, very structured face, this watch is a great way to make any outfit even more interesting. Even in your cuffed shorts, slippers, and white top, I am pretty sure that you’d still look and feel like you’ve been styled by Hollywood’s top designers.
  • It a mid-sized watch which makes it a perfect everyday companion, because, well, the oversized thing is already getting old, don’t you think?
  • If you look closely at the face of the watch, you’ll see that other than telling the time, it can tell you the date, day, seconds, and month. Isn’t that a great deal? It’s all analog (apart from the date), which adds to the structured, classic appeal of this watch.
  • The links of the bracelet is made of three rows. It adds a rather interesting texture to the watch. It will also set you apart from the rest of the crowd because it’s not just some chain link watch, it’s textured chain link. How’s that for elegance, huh?
  • The watch is made of shiny and gold-tone brushed stainless steel. With an added white paint around the face of the watch, it offers a great, classy contrast to what would otherwise be just a plain, gold watch.
  • I particularly love the shade of this gold-tone brushed stainless steel. It’s not the kind of yellow that’s hard to match with anything. The shade is just perfect for any skin color because it’s kind of illuminated gold.
  • Here’s the best part—have you always found it hard to clean your watch because water might seep inside the mechanism of the watch? Not anymore. This watch is amazingly water-resistant! the next time you wash your hands or clean your watch, you’ll have nothing to worry about anymore. This watch will survive that amount of water. Even a dive of up to 330 feet.


  • While it may be water resistant, remember that the gold tone of this watch is just brushed. So there’s no telling how soon the colors will fade and show the stainless steel underneath. Be careful, I’d feel bad if you don’t get to walk around and show everyone this amazingly beautiful watch.
  • Putting the watch underwater is not the only thing you have to lessen if you want this watch to maintain its gold tone appearance. Where it receives friction, that’s where you’ll have to be careful.
  • Although it’s a midsized watch, and comparably smaller than the oversized watches that Michael Kors has, it still chunky and heavy. However, that’s not enough reason to look away from this watch because it still fits even the smallest of wrists.

A watch that’s incomparable with anything else in design and quality, this watch by Michael Kors will give you that vamped up look you’ve been looking for.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars
User rating
Rated 0 stars