Most Affordable (High-End) Watch Brands

affordable high end watch brand

Most Affordable Watch Brands

Now, the title probably threw you off right of the bat; affordable and high-end? How is that possible?

When someone says ‘high-end’, it shouldn’t immediately think watches greater than your mortgage payments. Oh, by the contrary, fellow reader! You can actually get high-quality, great looking watches from the big manufactures. You just need to know what to look for.

We at Gracious Watch can help you out with that. Here are some great watch brands that are currently producing great examples without exchanging your first-born child for!

Affordable Watch Brands List

Rank Brand Founded Location Shop
1 Casio 1946 Tokyo, Japan Shop Casio
2 Invicta 1837 Chiasso, Switzerland Shop Invicta
3 Timex 1854 Waterbury, CT, United States Shop Timex
4 Citizen 1918 Nishi-tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Shop Citizen
5 Tissot 1853 Le Locle, Switzerland Shop Tissot
6 Michael Kors 1981 New York, NY, United States Shop Michael Kors
7 Nautica 1983 New York, NY, United States Shop Nautica


Affordable Watch Brands In Detail

Casio Affordable Watches

1. Casio

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Casio Watches

Casio continues to be one of the best watch brands in the world. They are market leaders in technology, style, and innovation.

Because Casio has a large history of manufacturing a wide variety of goods, ranging from musical instruments, clocks, cameras, and calculators, their approach to watch development is innovative.

They combine analogue and digital technologies with strong, durable designs. Casio’s styles range from colorful and sporty to classic, making different type of watches that are going to suit almost everyone.

They have also introduced the “retro range,” a playful nod to the earliest digital Casio watches in existence.

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Invicta Affordable Watch Brands

2. Invicta

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Invicta Watches Logo

Even though Invicta started in Switzerland, it has been a United States company for a long time – but did manage to keep the Swiss attention to detail.

When looking for Invicta, you will notice that they cater to even the most diverse and particular of tastes.

Especially those who are looking for a divers watch are not going to do much better within a moderate budget than Invicta. Even though the majority of Invicta’s watches have a classic style with a modern feel, there are some sporty counterparts as well.Invicta Men's 6981 Pro Diver Analog Swiss Chronograph Black Polyurethane Watch

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3. Timex

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Timex Watches Logo

Even though it has been around since 1854, Timex did not change into the company it is today until 1942.

Most people may remember Timex for its world famous slogan “takes a licking but keeps on ticking.” In order to enter new markets across the globe, Timex is putting on some bold, new designs that look very modern and cost very little.

As the largest watch manufacturer in the United States, it has recently included some more expensive watches in its collection, but Timex’s focus remains their traditional unassuming, low-cost watches.

When you buy a Timex watch, you can get a good watch, without having to spend too much money on it. While the colors may vary, the quality remains consistent.

Timex Men's T28071 Easy Reader Black Leather Strap Watch

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Citizen Watches

4. Citizen

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Citizen Watch Logo


When looking at the many modern classics that Citizen has produced since its beginnings, many people are rather surprised to find that the company began as the Shokosha Watch Research Watch Institute.

In the hopes of creating a watch that would appeal to ordinary citizens that they would be able to sell the world over, the company named its first watch “Citizen,” a name that proved so successful that it would eventually become the name of the watch manufacturer we know today.

Citizen has been at the forefront of revolutionary technologies consistently and became the first Japanese manufacturer to introduce a shock resistant watch (in 1956) and the first to introduce a water resistant watch (1959).

Most Citizen watches have a classic appeal to them.Citizen Men's 'Eco-Drive' Quartz Stainless Steel

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Tissot Watches

5. Tissot

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Tissot Watches Logo


Back in 1853, Tissot was the first company to mass produce pocket watches.

While Tissot has since watches with countless different features with the T-Touch (compass, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer), the focus remains on the timeless Swiss design that the company became famous for in the first place.

While there are some modern touches on the new, more affordable designs, including various different colors, the traditional design still dominates the Tissot watch collection.

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Michael Kors

6. Michael Kors

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Michael Kors Watches Logo

The goal behind this rapidly growing global luxury lifestyle brand was clear, produce award-winning designs while making the collection affordable enough for everyday users.

The combination of a sporty attitude and stylish elegance makes Michael Kors watches stand out from many of the other options.

Despite the luxury appeal and aesthetic, the prices remain affordable. This explains the recent surge in popularity that peaked during Christmas 2012 when social media sites were buzzing about the number of Michael Kors watches gifted during that time.

The design used is the traditional, timeless classic with a few modern tweaks.

Michael Kors Pressley Chronograph White Dial Gold-tone

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Nautica Watches

7. Nautica 

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Nautica Watches Logo

Nautica is known for its unique designs, bold colors, and distinctive styling.

Unlike many of the earlier brands that we have mentioned here, most Nautica watches do have a sportier, colorful appearance that is more suited for a night out on the town than a boardroom meeting.

These are certainly considered ‘fashion’ watches.

Considering that Nautica falls under the Timex umbrella, you also know that you are getting a quality timepiece that is going to last for many years to come.

Nautica Men's N14555G NST Stainless Steel Watch

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The Conclusion

As you can see from our list of seven, there are countless of great watches available at a reasonable prices. Depending on your style and personal preference, you are going to have to narrow down your options between the manufacturers you see here. Regardless of your personal preference though, there is no going wrong with these great brands.

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