Motorola MOTOACTV 8GB GPS Sports Watch and MP3 Player with Wrist Strap Review: One of the Best All-in-One Sports Watches in the Market

Motorola MOTOACTV 8GB GPS Sports Watch and MP3 Player with Wrist Strap Review

Many sports watches tried and failed to offer true innovations that hardcore sports enthusiasts would surely love. They either fell short of expectations or were outperformed by harder-working users.

A watch being a GPS receiver and a complete fitness monitoring gadget packed with an entertainment feature to get users through hard training means the best has already come to gloat on wannabe high-tech sports watches. It’s somewhat disappointing that Motorola decided to discontinue manufacturing the MOTOACTV 8GB GPS Sports Watch and MP3 Player with Wrist Strap to give way to its even better and more advanced sports watch models.

Don’t fret just yet. Consumers can still own this impressive gadget as the manufacturer ensured enough stocks are available to keep up with demand. Online stores are still selling it, so it is far from becoming extinct for now.

What makes it one of the best sports watches today? Check its pros and cons and be amazed.


  • Flexible system

Imagine Android on your phone; this is exactly what this sports watch is all about. It is packed with features but surprisingly, it can still be upgraded with dozens more.

  • Complete workout buddy

It does more than tell time and entertain; it also smoothly monitors your workout status using the GPS feature and a built-in pedometer wherever you are and whenever you need it. If that is not enough, have its audio coach put you where you should be on your training program. Now you have a training buddy that won’t leave your side (or your wrist, in this case) while running, biking, climbing, and jogging anywhere in the planet.

  • Energizing playlist suggestion

Why didn’t other smart watch manufacturers think of this? Sports fanatics need more than a lively tune to keep them going. They need songs that are nothing but blasts, energy, kicks, and rhythm. Let its energizing playlist suggestion feature do the checking, all on its 8GB memory, and just go with your thing.

  • Free MOTOACTV Training Portal

The Motorola MOTOACTV 8GB GPS Sports Watch and MP3 Player with Wrist Strap lets you automatically upload your training data on a training portal for assessment and continuous monitoring. This is not just a training buddy; it’s essentially a gym!

  • Tough exterior and interior

Sports are meant to be rough, tough, busting, and wet. That demands an equally tough sports watch, and this is all you can get with this Motorola gadget. Not only it is scratch and rain resistant, it is sweat-proof to the max.

  • Excellent touch screen

Its screen automatically adjusts under the sun for maximum clarity. At 1.6 inches, you will surely find its menu controls enjoyable enough to replace your regular music player.


  • Expensive

With a starting price of anywhere from $198 to $249, buying it is already like buying a high-range smartphone. The Motorola MOTOACTV 8GB GPS Sports Watch and MP3 Player with Wrist Strap does have the features of a smartphone, but you might still find the price a little higher than what it should be.

  • Basic design

It’s what’s inside that is important, but the very basic square design and black/red strap just can’t help but bore exacting eyes.

Buy Today While Stock Last

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