Nixon The GoGo Women’s Watch Review

Nixon The GoGo Women's Watch - Black/Orange
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Review Summary:

For the sporty woman who leads an active lifestyle, this is the perfect watch for you. Comfortable, water-resistant, and with that simple charm.


  • The simple black and orange combination gives off a classy vibe even if it’s a sports watch. it’s versatile enough to be worn with any outfit. This fact is important especially when you’re out for excursions, at the beach, or any sport activity because, let’s admit it, it’s hard to pair up colorful sports attires with different watches all the time.
  • The thin rubber strap makes the watch very comfortable, especially when you’re doing exercises or when you’re doing activities that involve moving around your wrists. After all, what’s a sports watch when it hinders you from doing sports activities right?
  • The all black casing and the surprising contrast of orange details makes this watch stand out. If you’re a woman who gets overwhelmed by sports watches that have a lot of color, this Nixon “The GoGo” watch offers you the comfort of a solid colored watch while giving you the fun side of having bright colors as well.
  • Because the indicators are in orange, it won’t be hard for you to tell the time. one glance and you’ll see what the time is, without having to sacrifice more than a few seconds looking away from whatever you’re doing.
  • The crown is also orange and protruding from the circle of the watch, so you won’t have to feel around the side of the watch when you want to adjust the time.
  • There’s not a lot of sports watches for women that can provide a little bit of femininity. I’ve looked around and have seen so many sports watches for women that are way too masculine. The thin strap of this watch makes it look feminine, while the color black balances it out with masculinity.
  • This Nixon “The GoGo” watch is definitely made to be on the go—with the scratch resistant mineral, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your watch when you’re doing rough sports.
  • The top crown provides an indiglo-like lighting so you won’t have to suffer when you’re in a dimly lit room.
  • This Nixon “The GoGo” watch has also been worn by nurses and doctors, because it’s very easy to clean and very sanitary.
  • Overall, this watch gives great quality for your money. it’s affordable, tough, and fit for an active lifestyle.


  • Unlike other watches, this watch doesn’t look too well with fashionable, casual clothes. Maybe it’s just my lack of creativity in putting outfits together, but one look at this watch and it might not be my top pick when I want to wear lace shorts and a cropped top.
  • Although it claims to be a sports watch, it doesn’t offer any other functions like date, day of the week, or countdown timer. If you’re a very active person, then I think it’s safe to assume that you’d want a watch that can provide you more information other than the time.
  • It would have also been nice if the strap was a little wider to complement the face of the watch. to me, it looks a little out of proportion.

For the sporty woman who leads an active lifestyle, this is the perfect watch for you. Comfortable, water-resistant, and with that simple charm.

Editor rating

Rated 5 stars

User rating

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