Nixon Watch Reviews

Nixon Watch Reviews

5 Best Nixon Watches Reviewed & Rated

Nixon has a great reputation for building unique timepieces that speaks to today’s generation: outlandish, brash, and in-your-face. Nixon “makes things a little betterâ€, by standing out from the crowd and going against conformity.

Case in point: The Rotolog. We at Gracious Watch will always remember the first time we laid eyes on that watch: the rectangular design, a unique viewing window for hours and minutes, and the link configuration was nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Since then, Nixon has produced great examples and here are 5 that you should add on your wrist.

Our Top 5 Nixon Watches

Pos. Details Price Rating See Prices
1. Nixon Diplomat $$$ 5/5 Buy Now
2. Nixon Monopoly $$ 5/5 Buy Now
3. Nixon ‘The Unit’ $$ 4.5/5 Buy Now
4. Nixon ‘The Chronicle’ $$ 4.5/5 Buy Now
5. Nixon Baja $$ 4/5 Buy Now

In-depth look at all the best Nixon watches

Nixon has a great variety of watches available for both men and women. Our Nixon watch reviews below are models that use quartz and automatic Japanese and Swiss movements. Like Seiko their styles range from the simple and elegant looking ones to items with a sophisticated appeal, with atypical and intricate faces. Our series of reviews on Nixon pieces present five of the most popular watches available namely, Nixon Diplomat, Monopoly, The Unit, The Chronicle, and Nixon Baja. These are watches designed for male and unisex use.

If you are looking for the best Nixon watches for men, these are some of the best options you can consider. Aside from their stunning looks, these watches are also attractive because of their prices. Their prices are at the $100 to $300 range. They are not luxury watches but affordable practical options that are great for everyday use. They can be considered as some of the more affordable, great deal Nixon watches for sale.

Nixon Diplomat Review

Nixon Diplomat Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Released in 2013, the Diplomat is an analog type watch with a stainless steel case. It features a unidirectional rotating steel bezel and a men’s standard 23-millimeter band in leather. The case has a diameter of 45 millimeters and a thickness of around 14 millimeters. The glass protecting it’s face is scratch-resistant so you can expect it to stay free from the ugly scratches incurred in everyday use. The dominant color for this particular watch is black, which covers the band and dial. The Diplomat operates with a Swiss Quartz movement. It is also water-resistant for depths of up to 200 meters.

Overall, the Diplomat exudes a nice retro look and feel. It may not be the best Nixon watch but it certainly isn’t the worst you can find. It is not difficult to give a positive review of the Diplomat watch based on the looks and feel of this item alone. It looks sophisticated and powerful. Because of the contrasting black face with white numbers and hands, it is very easy to read dial. The color combination creates an appealing look without being gaudy or too attention grabbing. Also, the anti-glare treatment on the domed hardened mineral crystal covering the face is effective in making it even more legible.

It is comfortable to wear. The buckle clasped leather strap, along with the steel accents, looks nice and feels good to the touch. The band is made of NATO style Horween leather with a custom solid steel buckle, which feels good or decent to say the least. It is water-resistant but it is not advisable to make it into a sports watch to be worn while doing outdoor and water-based adventures because of the leather strap. The water protection is always great to have but drying the leather strap wouldn’t be quick and water would most likely quickly wear it out.

This review of the Nixon Diplomat specifically evaluates the Diplomat with the model number A269019-00 and part number A269-240. We don’t hesitate giving it a 5/5 rating for its appearance, solid comfortable feel, water-resistance, and great price.

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Nixon Monopoly Watch Review

Nixon Monopoly Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

The unisex Nixon Monopoly is an interesting watch with a gunmetal dial stainless steel band. It is analog type with a mineral dial window material, which is unfortunately not scratch-resistant.

It has a round face with gold-colored numbers and hands as well as a gold-colored bezel. It has a date indicator in white (black text, white background), which would seem to detract from the homogeneity of the colors. It would have looked better in some shade of gold or something not so bright color.

Overall, the Monopoly’s aesthetics, the gold-in-dark-grey color combination in particular, would appeal to some and may not be that attractive to others. It certainly isn’t bad looking, though.

We feel it’s worth pointing out that the Nixon Monopoly’s black color in most photos of it online is not really black but a darker kind of grey. It looks formal and does not create that stark contrast of gold-in-black that would probably be more appealing to younger potential buyers.

The Nixon Monopoly’s steel case is 40mm in diameter and 10mm thick. The grey band is also made of steel and has a men’s standard 22mm length. The bezel is likewise of steel make but is fixed in place.

It weighs 9.60 ounces, which is comfortable enough even for female wearers. Moreover, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet. It feels solid on the wrist just like every other good steel watch on the market, but it’s relatively light so wearing it over long periods wouldn’t feel cumbersome.

This review of the Monopoly watch grants a 5/5 rating, specifically for the model number A3251228-00, part number a3251228. It’s a nice-looking watch featuring a great build and mostly attractive design. We just wish it had a scratch-resistant dial window material.

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Nixon “The Unit” Review

Nixon “The Unit” Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Fancy buying an all-gold watch featuring the Nixon branding and price? The Unit watch could be the one you are looking for. It has an imposing all-gold case and strap made of stainless steel. However, it is actually a digital watch. It tends to not look like one from a distance because of the stainless steel material and flashy gold color. The overall appearance of this piece can be somewhat polarizing. It’s a unisex watch, by the way, so the target buyers may not be the typical males.

This mostly steel watch has a case diameter and thickness of 50 and 15mm respectively. It features a double-locking clasp with micro adjustment. It has a mineral glass display window material. Strap length, on the other hand, is 24mm. The general feel of the watch is comparable to other steel watches. It could make use of some weight reduction but it’s not really that uncomfortable to wear.

Because this watch is a digital type, it comes with a stopwatch feature. It also sports the standard background illumination to facilitate viewing in the dark. Legibility is not a problem in many cases but it can be challenging under the sun. The display is not like e-ink that becomes more visible with sunlight illumination. It relies on red LEDs that drown away under bright lights.

The Unit watch is different from other Nixon Unit models obviously because of its color. However, the internals and type of materials used are mostly similar to other Nixon Units. Durability and longevity can be expectedly similar.

Overall performance is not going to be different from other Nixon Unit watches, obviously, as this golden digital watch only differentiates itself from others with its looks. You can check out other Nixon unit reviews and expect the conclusion to be similarly applicable to this unit.

For this ‘The Unit’ review, we think a 4.5/5 score would sound just right. “The Unit” with the model number A360502-00 and part number A360 502 will surely find some interested buyers despite its nontraditional appearance. The water-resistance is always a welcome feature although it is somewhat heavy at 16 ounces. Moreover, the display of this piece makes it appear to be intended for mostly indoor use since it’s not that legible under the sun.

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Nixon Chronicle Watch Review

Nixon Chronicle Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Simple, big and elegant: these are three adjectives that can best describe the Nixon Chronicle watch. It comes with a steel case with a minimalistic design and a thin bezel that makes the face look big and clear. The white-silver-brown color combination along with black-and-red grid numbers, black hands, and date indicator make for a great-looking device that will most likely suit most watch buyers’ tastes. The crown or adjustment knob of the Nixon Chronicle is relatively big but not really that obtrusive. It appears to be part of the aesthetics and can be considered functional as well since it makes it easier to handle it to do adjustments. We are just unsure why the knob is located on the left.

Anyway, you may also find this piece bearing the name “The Chronicle” watch. Blame it on the pesky Nixon naming scheme as they use “The†quite excessively just like in the case of “The Unit.â€

In terms of comfort, it is safe to say that Nixon Chronicle is one comfortable watch to wear. It is big but not too big to be unwieldy. The size is actually what makes this piece good-looking. Nevertheless, because it is relatively thin and because the leather strap is also light, comfort is not compromised. Of course, if you are someone petite, you can’t really expect this big watch to not look awkward on you. It is intended for average sized persons.

We deem a score of 4.5/5 fitting for this review of the “Nixon Chronicle” watch. It’s a simple but good-looking watch with a great price. Legibility is surely not going to be a problem with its big face having black numbers on a white background. The hands are even luminous so viewing it in complete darkness isn’t going to be a problem. The location of the knob is unusual but it’s not difficult to do adjustments with it because it is relatively big.

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Nixon Baja Watch Review

Nixon Baja Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This Baja watch is a digital watch with a design mostly intended for younger wearers. It’s an affordable watch at the $100-$150 price range. It has a monochromatic LCD display similar to what is commonly used in calculators and most other digital watches at its price range. The housing material is polycarbonate while the strap is made of nylon. Overall, it’s looks reflects its price. It’s not elegant looking just like every other digital watch similar to it but it does not look cheap and run-of-the-mill.

This 2013 Nixon model watch is notably comfortable to wear mainly because it is light and decently sized. The 50-millimeter diameter of the case is comparable to most other watches intended for male wearers. The men’s standard 24-millimeter nylon band with a buckle clasp does not feel cheap although it could be improved.

This men’s digital Baja watch shows the time, date, and temperature. Since the display is an illuminable monochrome LCD, there are no issues with legibility although it really looks generic. It can serve as a good outdoor watch that can be even be taken to water adventures since it is also water resistant up to 100 meters. It also has a digital compass as well as an LED flashlight embedded right on the face.

In this review of the Baja watch, we think a 4.5/5 score is suitable. This quality watch offers good enough value for its price. It packs quite a good deal of features in a light but rugged body. There are no legibility issues with the rather generic LCD display.

The adjustment buttons feel reliable enough. The water-resistant body and easy-to-dry nylon strap are great attributes. However, it would have been better if the LED flashlight were located on the side of the watch instead of embedding it on the face. Its position is impractical and aesthetically obtrusive.

It looks like an ugly cracked or heavily scratched portion on the watch face.

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