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NOVUS Watches Overview 1

NOVUS Watches Overview 1

NOVUS has designed a minimalist watch that allows you to change your style by going from leather, to NATO strap without the use of tools. Every watch also helps change the world by getting one solar light to someone without electricity.

Details: NOVUS has created a truly unpretentious minimalist watch. The word “novus” is Latin for “new” and the logo incorporates the use of the delta symbol (Δ) upside down, symbolizing change.

The brand is built around three pillars of change:

  • Change your style – NOVUS’ cleverly designed straps allow you to switch between leather straps and NATO straps without the use of tools.

NOVUS Watches Overview 2

  • Change yourself – Change is good and everyone wants to better themselves. NOVUS was created out of the passions of two friends hoping to create a brand that inspires change in the people that wear NOVUS products.

NOVUS Watches Overview 3

  • Change the world – NOVUS has partnered up with SolarAid, an organization that gets solar lights to people in remote parts of Africa with no access to electricity. Each watch sold will help get one solar light to a person in need, eliminating the reliance on dangerous kerosene lamps for light. You can find out more about SolarAid in this video.

NOVUS Watches Overview 4

NOVUS watches are available now for pre-order on IndieGoGo for a discounted price. Click here to view the campaign or visit

NOVUS Watches Overview 5

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