October 2015 – WATCH GIVEAWAY: Stranger Time (Mangalarga)

Stand a chance to win a Stranger Mangalarga Worth $649.00
October 2015 Giveaway

Stand a chance to win this watch:

Stand a chance to win a Stranger Mangalarga Worth $649.00
Strange Time (Mangalarga)

Stranger Mangalarga on Gracious Watach 10

Stranger Mangalarga on Gracious Watach 16

Stranger Mangalarga on Gracious Watach 7


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More about the watch:

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Our focus is on quality time keeping with elegance. What I mean is that there are so many watches out there with super sophisticated movements, complications and other auxiliary elements which focus on aesthetics of the watch and tend to overlook its main purpose, which is precise time keeping. We wanted to combine the simplistic yet modern design with reliable movement and make it affordable. – Jahn Karsybaev, CEO of Stranger Time

We’d like to thank Stranger Time and Jahn Karsybaev for sponsporing the Stranger Mangalarga to our readership. This watch is available at Strangertime.com for $649.00 USD.


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Facebook – Stranger Time
Twitter – @strangerwatches
Instagram – @strangerwatches

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