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After what seems to be a long winter, it’s time for the sun to come out and play and let summer finally welcome us with rising temperatures! I know some of us are tired of hearing ‘polar vortex’ so let’s put away the down jacket and pull out the board shorts. Maybe time for a …

Spend more than a few minutes doing some watch shopping and you’ll come across numerous Seiko’s. With options in most price brackets, but with a focus on quality watches with good value, Seiko’s are found in most watch shops and department stores. Larger Than Wristwatches Like many watch brands that date from the late 1800s, …

This is the final part of our three-part series. Check out parts one and two. San: An Exclusive Look into the Citizen Watch Company Factory Our final part of this trilogy will start with something special. Before our trip, Gracious Watch reached out to various Japanese watchmakers to see if we can do something special …

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Japan's Most Popular Watch Brands

In the land of the rising sun, Japan has been a technological powerhouse throughout the years. Pioneering the technological movement, providing high-quality electronics at competitive prices, the Japanese changed the landscape and paved the way for the future and what it was going to look like. They also changed the landscape of wristwatches, which were …

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Casio G-Shock Guide

Introduction & G-Shock History Post Navigation Introduction G-Steel/MT-G Master of G MR-G There was a desire to create a durable wristwatch that would be able to withstand basically anything that Mother Nature had to offer. There were little to no offerings of such a watch during the 1980s. In comes Casio, who designed and brought …

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Post Navigation Previous Page /Next Page Introduction Explorer Daytona GMT Master II Submariner Picture this: A well-aged man is relaxing in his bedroom, and contemplates his next luxurious adventure. He’s surrounded by the best offerings: high thread count sheets, various artwork, and bespoke pieces of furniture. One glance at this man will give anyone the …

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Spring is here (according to the calendar, not necessarily the weather) which means it’s time to update your style for the new season. Enter this month’s giveaway where FOUR lucky readers will walk away with one cool, new ladies watch.  A month or so back, CWT sent us four watches from their exclusive brand, Jones New York. …

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12 Quality Watches for Today's Teenage Watch Enthusiasts

Post Navigation Next Page Introduction Two Ultra-Affordable Brands Worth Wearing Seiko Timex Under $100 $100 – $250 $250 – $750 $750+ Last Updated: February 2018 Before the life-changing introduction of the smartphone, wrist watches were created and utilized with the primary goal of it being used as a tool for someone. Whether that watch needed …

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Bulova Watches

The modern watch landscape has changed throughout the decades: Companies have come and gone, while others drastically changed their philosophy altogether. One thing was definitely certain: Bulova grew from a small American Watchmaking firm to a global success. With a handful of world firsts, the New York firm was a vital contributor to the Art …

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7 Affordable Swiss Watch Brands

Post Navigation Next Page Introduction Hamilton Rado Movado Tag Heuer Victorinox Swatch Mondaine The Swiss watch has been a symbol of status and luxury since the dawn of horological time. In the modern era, where Swiss companies have staff all over this interconnected world of ours, horology has changed and with it has come a …

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The creation of Swatch is a prime example of creating something out of necessity due to the changing landscape around them. The Swiss were forced to comply in order to avoid an economic downturn and it led to creating the world’s largest watchmaking firm, covering over 10 brands with various price points and demographics. If …

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With the goal of bringing the most durable timepiece around, two people started an iconic brand that would change lives and create something that would forever be synonymous with prestige and luxury. The worst thing that could happen to a soldier is have their weapon malfunction, and a watch has the same heft in someone’s …

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I may be biased – as I own a number of their watches myself – but Tissot are some of the best watches on the market. Since 1853, Tissot has been making elegant and stylish watches made with impeccable movements. One of the things I like most about Tissot watches is their accessibility. They have …

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Fossil / Conqueror Watch Clones

Clearly, we here at Gracious Watch are fans of luxury timepieces. We’ve posted dozens of listicles laying down our preferred luxury watches at an assortment of price points, after all. We also have a lot of love for inexpensive affordables that tick all the right boxes. At times, we have even had hands-on experiences with …

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World leaders are representative of their nation and are held in the highest regard. Whether they’re traveling to solve a national crisis, negotiating with other leaders to start a new trade deal, they need to be punctual and on-time. So they need a trustworthy timepiece to be on their wrist at all times. What that …

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