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The Shinola Runwell Sport Chronograph

  Only a few precious days remain before President Barack Obama leaves the Oval Office for life as a private US citizen. The President certainly impressed upon us his natural flare for style. Nothing was more evident of that than his trip to Detroit wherein he proudly rocked a Shinola Runwell Sport Chronograph and visited the American boutique to laud praises on the brand. In that time since, people around the world have been clamoring to find out more about …

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Garmin Forerunner 630 – Black/White Review

Make no mistake that the is a great example of a true GPS running watch is, add in a couple of basic smart functionality and you now have a watch not just limited for your running activities. This is a watch that is made specifically for runners. True to its name the Garmin Forerunner 630 is a true running watch and I’m actually fine with it since I do a lot of runs every week. So if running is not …

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The Force Is With The Star Wars Devon

  Disney’s hot property Star Wars has been crushing the box office since it blasted into cinemas from a galaxy far, far away. Both the Rogue One and Force Awakens films fill out the lessening gaps in the wider cinematic canon of Jedis and Siths, lightsabers and droids. Needless to say, the constellation of merchandise that populates the Star Wars universe is seemingly endless. But there is only one luxury timepiece that will be harder to get your hands on …

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Garmin fenix 2 GPS Watch Review

The is a watch primarily designed for runners. But its features allows it to be useful in other sports or activities as well such as hiking, indoor workouts, track cycling, mountaineering, swimming and many more. You can even add or create custom workouts, activities and routines for your Garmin. The Garmin Fenix 2 is able to support multi-sports and fitness activities thanks to a number of sensors built inside the watch. It has a compass, a digital barometer, thermometer and …

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Suunto Ambit3 Sport HR Watch Review

The sits right below the Ambit3 Peak. It’s a more affordable version of the Ambit3 Peak but still carries GPS, heart rate monitor and activity tracking. There’s not much difference between the two models when it comes to look and feel. It is still quite large and bulky especially for people with small wrists. I like the minimalist design of the watch although it’s not the best one out there. Despite of its questionable build quality the watch is still …

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Suunto Ambit3 Peak Review

The is one of the 3 latest offering by Suunto with it being the top-end model of the three. These 3 watches are fully-packed with features as well as fully customizable, powerful and offers good water resistance. They’ve got a heart rate monitor that should continue to track your heart rate even if you go for a swim. In addition to that, the watch can also serve as a timer, an activity tracker, and as a stopwatch. The watch also …

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Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch Review

Huawei just launched a new fitness tracker to the market named . It is a fitness tracker that looks just like a watch and comes with some amazing technologies like heart-rate monitoring. The Huawei Fit borrows the same design concept from the Huawei Mate 9 with its sleek and minimalist design. It has a watch-style design that you can easily customized thanks to the multiple band color options available for it. At 35g, the Huawei Fit’s aluminum body construction feels …

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Ticwatch 2 – Charcoal Smart Watch for iOS and Android Devices Review

It’s so damn hard to find a complete smartwatch on a budget but that was before the by Mobvoi was introduced. Simply put, the Ticwatch 2 is what you call the budget king of smartwatches inside and out. This smartwatch features a 400 x 400 OLED display with a whopping 287ppi. As a result, you now have a smartwatch with a vibrant and bright display.  Aside from that, I also like the build of this smartwatch. In fact, this is …

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Best Swim Watches

Swimmers are lucky in their choice of watches these days. Today’s swim watches aren’t merely resistant to water for long periods of time, but can measure laps and strokes, swim efficiency, calories burned, and even detect the style of stroke you’re using. A good swim watch can be like having a personal trainer on your wrist.  But which one to choose? Here we take a look at five of the best. This top-range swim watch is so light and sleek, …

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Edox Men's 'Chronoffshore-1' Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel and Rubber Diving Watch, Color:Black (Model: 10221 37N NINJ) Review
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Edox Men’s ‘Chronoffshore-1’ Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel and Rubber Diving Watch, Color:Black (Model: 10221 37N NINJ) Review

The watch from Edox isn’t half bad, however, it just might irritate Audemars Piguet with the Chrono-offshore name. I know it is supposed to be Chronoffshore but I want it to have an extra so badly. Edox has been playing with their chronograph sport pieces for a while – some really hit and some really miss. This one is certainly a good looker with mostly black and silvery white mixed in with a little blue. Not the first watch Edox …

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Best Casual Watches for Men

Dressing casually has different meanings for different men. For some, it means looking classy without being dressy.  For others, it means looking comfortable but with style. Sometimes guys see it as just letting it all hang out. In whatever way you view casual, there’s a corresponding watch style waiting for you.  Take a look at our picks for the best casual watches, across styles and price range.   If you view “casual” as sporty with a hint of elegance, this …

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Jacob & Co’s Epic X Line

  Jacob & Co celebrate 30 years of luxury watchmaking. The Swiss brand has often been hailed as the master of time. And now that the still relatively young brand fêtes its big 3-0, it draws attention to its aptly named Epic X collection. Here’s a line of timepieces curated with only the most elegant source material, ranging from titanium to rose gold. The Epic X line follows the “skeletonized” aesthetic, revealing all its inner workings in the case on …

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The Best Surf Watches of 2017

Hang ten dude! Surf’s up! And while winter may be rolling in across the western hemisphere, the waves are plentiful in the southern extremes of the globe. There’s no time like the present than to pack up your board, your wetsuit, and one piece of invaluable gear to get you sorted. That gear would be a surf watch. Imagine a timepiece that tracks your waves, fuses a sturdy GPS system with a robust mechanism able to withstand the brunt of …

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The Best Automatic Watches Under $2000

  The charm and allure of an automatic watch doesn’t simply rest in the able-bodied composition but also in an automatic watch’s life expectancy. A standard automatic watch has the ability to persist for ages, generating its power often from the simple hand and wrist movement of the wearer. A typical design will have an average battery reserve of 30 to 40 hours. A top notch automatic watch will go beyond that, performing with flying colors under duress and even …

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Bremont Takes Flight With The Bremont DH 88

  Bremont are single-handedly bringing fine watchmaking back to England. And we’d be lying if we didn’t say we frankly gush like schoolgirls over the stellar collection of chronometers the British brand continually grows. Fast forward to the DH88 in commemoration of the de Havilland DH 88 Comet aircraft that successfully raced from England to Australia in 3 days. 1934 was the year that saw British engineering rise to the foreground to beat a competitive field of aircrafts. 2016 is …

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Citizen Men's BL5250-02L Titanium Eco-Drive Watch with Leather Band Review
Above 50% DiscountsBelow $300Below $500CasualCitizenDiscounted WatchesEco-DriveEco-DriveFor MenFor MensLeather StrapLeather StrapMenMen Watch ReviewsMen Watch Reviews Under $500Men'sMen's Casual WatchesMen's WatchesUnder $300Watch Reviews

Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Titanium Eco-Drive Watch with Leather Band Review

The combines practicality and affordability into one. It has a leather band that is made from pig skin, a sporty titanium construction, and dual time display. It has some style to it too. It may not be the best watch in the sporty casual watch class but I think it should be able to compete with its rivals. The watch features a classic look thanks to its pig skin leather band and a sporty watch face. The watch will make …

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Michael Kors Women's MK5720 Camille Gold-Tone Crystal Watch Review
Below $500FashionFashionFor WomenFor WomensMichael KorsUnder $300Women Watch ReviewsWomen Watch Reviews Under $500Women's Fashion WatchesWomen's WatchWomen's Watches

Michael Kors Women’s MK5720 Camille Gold-Tone Crystal Watch Review

Women prefer fashion and style more than ever, and the should be perfect for them. This is a watch that doesn’t skip anything in the design department. It is a flashy gold watch which comes with added sparkle to appease the eye. The Michael Kors Women’s MK5720 Camille Gold Watch features an analog-quartz movement powered by a sr626sw battery. It has a H-link bracelet to make the watch even more beautiful and appealing. The design of the Michael Kors Women’s …

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best watch for women gift
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Gifts for Her: The Best Women’s Watches to Buy As A Gift (All Price Points)

Best Women’s Watches to Buy As A Gift A watch is a fantastic gift for those special women in your life. Watches are fashionable, classic and timeless gifts that have a real meaning behind them. Buying a watch as a gift for a woman isn’t trivial however because you really want to make sure you thinking about their style, interests and tastes. Budget is also a factor when shopping for watch gifts. Watches start at under $50 and go all …

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Movado Men's 0660003 Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Smartwatch review
BrandsWatch Gifts

Buying a Christmas Gift for a Watch Snob

Buying a Gift for a Watch Snob Trying to find the right Christmas gift for a watch snob can drain the joy right out of the holiday season.  Though loveable, they can be very demanding, persnickety and downright precious about their watches. Fair enough. That’s why we’ve picked out 5 perfect watch-related gifts across all price points to please even the most discerning snob. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our gift guides too: THE BEST SMART WATCHES …

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Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen
DigitalDigitalFor HerFor himMenMonthly Best Selling WatchesSmart WatchesWatch Gifts

The Best Smartwatches to Buy As A Gift This Holiday Season

Best Smart Watches to Buy As A Gift A year ago smartwatches were just starting to show up on the holiday gift lists of uber-techies. This year, smartwatches are everywhere and are on the gift lists of everybody we talk to. During this time of year where you are racking your brain for gift ideas a smartwatch gift could be perfect. There are now lots of makers, models and options to choose from that it can be absolutely overwhelming, especially if …

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TAG Heuer Men’s Aquaracer Stainless Steel Watch WAN2111.BA0822
Above $500AutomaticBy BrandsBy CategoriesFor MenFor MensLuxuryLuxuryMenMen Watch ReviewsMen Watch Reviews Over $500Men'sMen's Luxury WatchesMen's WatchesStainless Steel BraceletSwiss MovementTAG HeuerWatch Reviews

TAG Heuer Men’s Aquaracer Stainless Steel Watch WAN2111.BA0822 Review

The  is a great example of a luxury timepiece that leaves you nothing to worry about, thanks to its superb build quality and features. It has a great water resistance rating which makes it suitable for diving up to 1000ft.  Aside from that, it also has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal as added protection. These features are just an indication that TAG Heuer doesn’t  hold back when it comes to making timepieces. The build quality, features, design and feel of …

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The Best GPS Watch of 2016

The results are in. And for the money, overall dynamic performance, and general likeability Garmin’s Forerunner 630 series hands down is the favorite of fitness, tech and watch pundits of all stripes when it comes to naming the best GPS watch of 2016. Whether it’s running, mountain biking, off-roading or simply getting lost in the thick of the woods like a ditzy blond in some bad horror flick, this is the watch that holds up the best. Performance, style, affordability, …

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High End Watch Deals for Cyber Monday 2016

Cyber Monday is one of the best days of the year to get your hands on a high quality timepiece at an affordable price. Nearly all major brands come out with sales that can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your dream time piece. Some of the most affordable swiss watch brands such as Tissot, Frederique Constant, Bulova and Baume and Mercier really try to push end of the year sales and it’s the best time for bargain shoppers …

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