Panerai Carbotech

Panerai Carbotech

Panerai has distinguished itself as a formidable entry into the world of watchmaking with its diverse lookbook of simple understated watches, chic luxurious watches, and their recent headturner the robust Panerai Carbotech.

The Italian brand has done more than create waves with its newest addition to their healthy catalogue of watches, chronographs and timepieces. They’ve set a tone for thinking outside of the box.

The Carbotech is just what you might expect when you hear those two word roots fused together: carbo and tech. They’ve fashioned a men’s watch from carbon fiber using the latest innovations in technology to render something that is relatively indestructible and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

What does that mean for your wrist or your wardrobe for that matter? It means that you’ve a got a watch you can take off road with you when you rush out of the office at the close of the workday.

Here’s the watch you can spruce up and get dirty in the same day. Your suit and tie, not so much. 

The Panerai Carbotech. Photo courtesy of Panerai.

Sure you’re thinking this watch is one of a kind. But that idea isn’t lost on the designers either. Carbon fiber has an uneven matte appearance. So that when it’s cut, each cut produces a unique grade and silhouette. It’s not like the routine cutting of titanium and other industry standard watch elements.

When carbon fiber is cut along its unique lines, an equally unique shell is rendered every time. So imagine your watch has a fingerprint unique only to you and your wrist. That is the novelty of the Carbotech.

The casing has its origins toward the tail end of the 1940s. In fact the Luminor 1950 47mm case pays homage to the Italian Navy for whom Panerai originally designed the watch in the same era. And in 1956 Panerai conjured a similar design for the Egyptian Navy as well.

Panerai’s philosophy today is simply this: if it were robust enough to be worn on the wrists of Italian and Egyptian commandos in the 50s it certainly is robust enough to be worn on your wrist today. 

The sleek Panerai Carbotech. Photo courtesy of Panerai.

How forward-thinking is the Carbotech? The bezel rotates only in an anticlockwise motion, which gives it superb underwater precision and movement. Its markers have small studs and it can plunge up to 300 meters in depth.

The movement is equally design-forward. Here you have the Officine Panerai rendered P.9000 caliber movement which also has worked its magic in the Radiomir and Luminor 1950 models. You benefit from a power reserve that stretches out to 3 days. Lost in the woods? No sweat. And a  single piece rotor winds in both directions because of a ratchet mechanism and oscillates at 4Hz. So your watch is unlikely to be phased by magnetism, high or low pressure or those niggling moments when you’re far from civilization for a few days (i.e. visit to the in-laws).

Panerai Carbotech. Photo courtesy of Panerai.

Your Carbotech comes with a black rubber bracelet and the official Officine Panerai logo to sweeten the deal. Italian design and Swiss tech come together in a meeting of the minds to render a watch of super resistant quality.  It retails for 17,500 euros.