Itero: Pocket Watches Are Back (Press Release)

Itero Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch (press release) 2

Itero Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch (press release) 2Value your time, wear a pocket watch.

Modernly designed pocket watches made for everyone. Timepieces with minimalistic design and superb quality.

Ever since its development in 16th century to the time of World War one in 20th century, pocket watches represented not only the most popular type of portable clock design, but also an integral part of male fashion.

It is time for pocket watches to come back again. Visit Itero Pocket Watches Kickstarter Campaign.


Itero Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch (press release)

Are you getting ditracted by notifications and messages that are screaming for your attention?

We should value our time more and we should by no means be slaves of technology and hectic lifestyle. The name Itero comes from Latin and means »to do a second time, to renew«. And that is what we wanted to do – to bring the appreciation of time and tradition back to life.

Time is an important dimension we have created to order events in the past, present and future. Keeping time is a key to success; every second matters, but it is worthless if it is not appreciated. With Itero Watches, you carry an important piece of the past in your pocket and value yourself and your time more.


Itero Pocket Watches on Gracious Watch (press release) 3

How many people have you seen wearing a pocket watch? We are about to change that.

The watch market is flooded with numerous wrist watch brands. Our mission is to bring pocket watches back to life. With a price tag of $89, Itero watches are accesible to everyone.

To wear a pocket watch, you need to take time. You have to stop and feel the moment. While wearing it, you value time and yourself more.

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