Q8 Dual Sim Card Dual Standby Watch Cell Phone Mobile Quad Band Touch Screen MP3/4 with Keypad Review: The Best Watch Cell Phone Under $100

Q8 Dual Sim Card Dual Standby Watch Cell Phone Mobile Quad Band Touch Screen Mp3 4 with Keypad Review

The Q8 Dual SIM Card Dual Standby Watch Cell Phone Mobile Quad Band Touch Screen MP3/4 with Keypad is absolutely the best smart watch/watch cell phone that you can possibly get for less than $100. Considering the starting price of $64, buyers can have more than they can ever expect from a product of its price range.

Read on to find out what makes it the best among the best smart watches in the low-price bracket.


  • Dual SIM card capability

Some mobile phone brands used dual SIM card capability as a selling point, and it did do wonders for their sales for quite some time. Now, the trend has shifted to watch cell phones, and who would have thought that a tiny gadget accessory can house an extra SIM card?

Now, you no longer have to carry two cell phones with you wherever you go. You don’t even have to carry any extra phone when you already have this watch as it can handle all your call and messaging needs, both personal and professional.

  • Sleek design

By that, it means a cool, modernly and fashionably designed exterior. Unlike other insanely feature-packed watch cell phones that suffer in the aesthetics department, this small guy is something that even appearance-conscious men will really love to wear on their wrists.

The keypad is crazy loveable on the side and the strap is like a seamless continuation of the device itself. It is comfortable to wear and is compact which makes it perfect whenever you feel like bragging about a cool and high-tech fashion accessory.

  • Responsive touchscreen

Navigation has never been easier on a tiny screen. The fingers can work perfectly comfortable on the screen, but an optional built-in stylus on the strap can always make the task even easier.

  • Quad-band phone

Its call and network connectivity capacity can give other low-range watch cell phone manufacturers a run for their money. This is the most advanced you can get from a very basic phone anywhere.

  • Built-in camera

You’re surely not expecting this one, but yes, this watch has a camera! This 1.5-inch screen is capable of taking pictures, as well as changing picture effect and setting, noise balancing, and frame designing. It has a continuous shot feature that can easily change scene modes in one click. This is one crazy gadget developed by genius minds.

  • FM tuner and speaker

Again, admit it, you are not expecting this. This watch has a Micro SD slot for MP3s, but with its built-in FM tuner and speaker, who would ask for anything else?


  • Small touchscreen

At 1.5 inches, its screen should have been enough for a watch cell phone. The only reason why this became a bad thing is because the watch has way more features than its screen can optimally exploit for the user’s own satisfaction.

  • Customization problems

The watch is not fully customizable, but with all the surprising features, would you really want to change anything else?

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