Seiko 5 Field Military Watch – Outstanding $100 Wristwatch Review

There are many well-known brands available nowadays through which a person can buy a quality watch, however the name which will always be rated high in the market is Seiko. How about Seiko military watch?

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Seiko is a huge company composed of different groups. The company is headquartered in Japan and has been in the the market since the year 1881. Seiko watches are considered one of the best watches, they are well known for their unique designs, quality, reliability and durability.

Usually men are pretty much enthusiastic about military watches. Well there are many reasons behind this phenomenon. Most of these military watches are unique in design and they have a fair bit of history behind them as well. These military watches were actually first seen during the World War 1.

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When it comes to automatic military watches then Seiko is the company to look for. These watches are well known for their high quality as well as affordable price.

The Seiko SNZG15J1 is basically an entry level military watch. The watch is very simple and is ideal to be used for time keeping and stuff. The movement of the watch is mechanical and is also refined. Overall — very attractive and efficient appearance. It basically consists of 23 jewels, luminous hands and also markers which are baton hour. Seiko watch can resist water up to 100 meters.

Some other qualities and feature of Seiko SNZG15J1 are as follows:

  1. The case of the watch is made up of high quality stainless steel
  2. The strap of the watch is made up of nylon
  3. The dial of the watch is black
  4. The hands and the markers are lumibrite
  5. The case back is transparent
  6. 3 o clock display ( day and date)

More details about Seiko military watch

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The Seiko Military watch or The Seiko 5 Sports SNZG15J1 is basically a combination of reasonable price and quality. The watch is very simple to wear consisting of three hands and day/date complication. The watch is equipped with automatic movement (in-house 7S36) which is both durable as well as reliable too.

The watch appears to be smaller as the case (42mm) and the crown are bead blasted. This small size of the watch also makes it compatible with the military design. An interesting thing about Seiko Military watch is that the bezel is the actual part of the case and is also fixed. The dial and day/date wheels are printed very well and the typology is very crisp. Another thing which is pretty much attractive to the eyes is “5” shield.

Seiko Military watch SNZG15J1 consists of nylon strap which sometimes becomes very uncomfortable to wear, according to some the strap is too thin for the watch.

Stainless steel is the material which is used in the buckle. In order to match the buckle with the case bead blasting has been done. The watch fits pretty well on the wrist as its lug size is 22mm.

Seiko Military watch is a very simple watch used for time keeping. The watch is water resistant and this tendency of water resistance is pretty good as well. It can easily be worn by you if you want to swim. The watch is meant for casual wear and can easily be worn on a “7” flat topped wrist, the watch is not suitable for formal wear – it is too big for that.

Summing up – Seiko Military Watch

Overall Seiko 5 Sports SNZG15J1 is a good military watch and it consists of all the features that a military watch actually requires.

The watch is reasonable to buy and can deliver the quality which a consumer requires. The Seiko is a well-known company so as a consumer living in any part of the world, the watch is very much accessible to you and nowadays with online shopping stores available, buying the watch certainly won’t be an issue for you at all.

A good thing about these online stores is that they deliver the product right at your door step which is always a benefit for you as a consumer.

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