Smart Watch Review: G13 (With Micro 4GB)

G13 (With Micro 4gb) Black Camera GSM Quad-band Watch Phone 1

This review will focus on the G13 (With Micro 4gb) Black Camera GSM Quad-band Watch Phone ~ Unlocked. This is classified as a multimedia watch phone. The specs as well as functionalities will be discussed below. Appropriate expert and consumer reviews will also be discussed.

Phone Specs

The watch features a quad band GSM. This means that the unit is capable of utilizing 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz. The unlocked version can be used anywhere in the world with any cellular phone or multimedia provider. For the phone to work you need to pop in a sim card. Even without a sim card, you can still access most of the functionalities.

  • PRO: Quad band
  • PRO: Bluetooth headset included

Multimedia Specs

The G13 has a built-in camera with video and voice recorder capability.  There is a 1.49-inch LCD display that is also multi touch-sensitive. The G13 is Bluetooth-ready. This means you can connect the same to any Bluetooth device (e.g. headset, speakers, and mic).

  • PRO: Multi touch LCD (with or without a stylus)
  • PRO: Built-in Stylus
  • PRO: Bluetooth-capable

Other Specs

You get a charger, USB cable, manual, headset kit, and a built in stylus. The G13 is available in several color variants. This includes black, royal blue, camouflage, olive green, pink, and silver. There is a micro SD slot with max capacity of 32 GB. The built in battery can be charged via a wall charger or the USB cable. Talk time is usually 2.5 hours. Stand by time is rated at 150 hours.

  • PRO: SD Slot
  • CON: material looks a bit cheap

Expert Reviews

The consensus is this watch is a nifty gadget to have around. It is a jack-of-all-trades (but a master of none). The G13 can provide you with secondary multimedia interface and/or connectivity.

G13 (With Micro 4gb) Black Camera GSM Quad-band Watch Phone 2

Consumer Reviews

This is a bestseller among multimedia watches. First, it has value. The average retail price is a little less than $100.  For this amount, you will never be caught without the basics in multimedia (assuming you don’t forget to wear your watch).

  • PRO: Can copy and play various audio and/video formats
  • CON: You can only use Bluetooth headsets. This is because there is no audio jack 3.55 or otherwise.
  • Con: The G13 needs 10 hours of charging time for the battery to reach full capacity.

Important Tips to Remember

Always read the manual before operating the watch. You will be surprised that most complaints regarding the G13 originate from the user not reading the manual. Also, this is primarily a watch phone with multimedia functions, not the other way around. Simply put, it was built to tell time and to make calls. Other multimedia features are merely secondary, so don’t expect the most responsive LCD or the best audio/video quality.

In Closing

Overall, this watch gets a score of 8 out of 10. Plus points were given for the functionalities it provides. Some points were deducted because of the 10-hour charge time, the cheap-looking rubber, and the lack of an external jack.

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