Smart Watch Review: NEW Version Ultra-thin Quad-band

NEW Version Ultra-thin Quad-band Watch Mobile Phone FM MP3 MP4 2M Camera

This article will discuss the salient features of the NEW Version Ultra-thin Quad-band Watch Mobile Phone FM/MP3/MP4 2M Camera. Various specifications will be examined. The article will also provide a detailed discussion of consumer and expert reviews as well as the pros and cons.

Watch Specs

The case measures 67x50x12mm. There is a 1.55-inch LCD display plus 6 touch buttons (3 on the right and 3 on the left). Because this uses a software/OS, you can pretty much download any watch design you can think of (e.g. analog, digital, hybrid, stopwatch, and timer).

  • PRO: Huge LCD display
  • PRO: Thin case
  • CON: Huge overall case size

Phone Specs

Insert a sim card and you have quad band capability (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900mHz). This is a full-on cellular phone with Bluetooth capability. You can connect it to a Bluetooth headset and/or speakers. There is a miniaturized keypad at the bottom part of the watch.

  • PRO: You can read and send SMS, MMS, chat, and emails.
  • PRO: You can take calls, answer, drop, forward, and send/listen to voicemail.
  • PRO: The speaker and mic are built-in so you can talk using only the unit itself
  • CON: The basic package does not include a Bluetooth headset.

The basic package includes:

  • The unit
  • A spare Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Power adapter
  • Earphones
  • USB Cable

Multimedia Specs

The 1.55 TFT LCD touch-screen display has a 1280×1024, 640×480 resolution with 2.0m pixel density. You have the features expected of a usual smartphone. You have internet connectivity, a 2.0 mp camera, audio/video recorder, player, and editor, DOC reader, and an FM radio.

  • PRO: This is a full-on multimedia center.
  • CON: Taking pictures needs a bit getting used to.

Expert Reviews

The basic functionalities are easy to figure out. You also have the option of making an SMS message via touch screen or the non-QWERTY keypad. In order to maximize your use of the phone, you need to tinker with it a lot and read the manual.

  • PRO: Keypad plus touch screen make for easy interface
  • PRO: There is a built-in stylus.
  • CON: The keys are tiny.

NEW Version Ultra-thin Quad-band Watch Mobile Phone FM MP3 MP4 2M Camera Review

Consumer Reviews

Most consumers say, “Why bother with the keypad?” in the belief that the LCD display should have been enlarged. This is not really a complaint about the unit itself, but an expression of preference of interface. Besides, doing so would significantly increase the price of the unit (Selling at a little less than $120, it’s quite a steal!). Also, consumers believe a Bluetooth headset should have been included in place of a conventional headset as it is a bit awkward to have a wire connecting your wrist to your head.

In Closing

This unit gets a score of 7.5 out of 10. Plus points were given for the sheer number of functionalities. Points were deducted for the less than fine craftsmanship, the too chunky overall size, and the redundancy of the keypad.

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