Smart Watch Review: Pebble E-Paper

Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android Review

This article will review the Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android. The discussion will center on the specs, functionalities, pros and cons of the watch. Important tips and an overall rating will also be provided at the end of this review.

Watch Specs

The unit measures 40mm x 33mm x 11mm. There is a 144 x 168 LCD display. The watch is made of plastic and the band is made of rubber. This unit utilizes a software or Operating system. The display can be changed between analog, digital, hybrid, tachymeter, chronograph, alarm, and stopwatch. There are 4 buttons that allow you to utilize the full functionality of the watch. It also comes with a vibrating motor that’s more subtle than a loud alarm but nonetheless able to alert you while you wear it on your wrist.

  • PRO: full smartwatch functionalities
  • CON: 4 buttons with dozens of functions means you need to know the proper sequence of presses or have the manual always nearby.

Multimedia Specs

This watch does not have a standalone phone function. It doesn’t come with a camera or recorder. What it merely does (other than tell you the time) is to connect to your Android device and/or iPhone as an accessory.

  • PRO: Read messages and get SMS alerts via your watch discreetly vibrating
  • PRO: Know who is calling and answer or drop the call discreetly or without ever reaching for your phone.
  • PRO: Variable Bluetooth 2.1 (high spec)+ EDR and 4.0 (low spec)
  • CON: No touch screen

Other Considerations

The Pebble has a refined design that matches well with high-end devices and smart casual wear. This is a highly functional watch that maximizes the functionality of your mobile and/or smart device. The watch may not have a touch screen but it has a triple axis accelerometer that can detect gestures. This means you can turn it any which way and the display will always be right side up.

Expert Reviews

The Pebble E-Paper was engineered for a specific segment or market. Within that demographic is on top of the consumer list. What most “can afford” consumers complain about is the 4-button non-touch screen display. You either memorize specific useful sequences or carry a small printout of all the sequences in your pocket.  For example, it is extremely cumbersome to set your alarm. On a positive note, this can easily be fixed with a software update (assuming the manufacturer bothers to make them available at all!).

Consumer Reviews

The technology and the craftsmanship are flawless. The problem is the sticker price. The Pebble E-Paper is priced between $250 and $300. Given the fact that it has a small non-touch screen LCD display, you have most consumers going for other less refined (and therefore cheaper) but more functional devices.

In Closing

The Pebble E-Paper gets a score of 8 out of 10. Plus points are given for its craftsmanship and specific functionalities. Points are deducted due to the cumbersome key-in sequences and the lack of touch screen capability.

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