Smart Watch Review: Sony MN2SW SmartWatch

Sony MN2SW SmartWatch for Android Phones

This article will focus on the Sony MN2SW SmartWatch for Android Phones – Retail Packaging – Black. The article will also discuss the features of the watch. Feedback from experts and consumers are discussed here as are the important points to consider when buying and using.

Watch Specs

The case measures 1.4 x 0.3 x 1.4 inches. The total weight with the strap is 1.6 ounces. There is a 1.3-Inch OLED display that is full-color and multi touch. With this, you can have dozens of watch configurations (e.g. analog, digital, stopwatch, timer, alarm, chrono)

Phone Specs

The Sony MN2SW can be used as a phone by linking it to your mobile phone. You can even read text messages on this watch. As an Android unit, it can be linked to most mobile devices that run on Android.

  • PRO: You can use it to read your texts
  • PRO: You know who is calling and you can answer or drop the call
  • CON: Not a standalone phone.

Multimedia Specs

It’s an Android, so app all you want! The touch screen is responsive and the screen has vivid colors.

  • PRO: The unit can handle most audio/video formats
  • CON: There is no camera or recorder feature

Other Specs

The unit is superb, with its top aluminum casing and ivory case back. The MN2SW is also compatible with most .79 strap models. The unit is also dust and splash-proof.

  • PRO: Bluetooth is version 3.0
  • PRO: Splash-proof. You can wear it while washing dishes or doing basic chores wherein your hands could get wet.
  • CON: Splash-proof does not necessarily mean waterproof. You can’t wear this watch when you go swimming.

Expert Reviews

The Sony MN2SW is a beauty. If you compare it to the competition (i.e. other smartwatches without stand alone cellular capabilities) within the same price range, this little watch truly stands out. The only problem is it is more expensive than some watch phone models with audio/video recorders (albeit with less refined and desirable looks).

The rationale behind this watch is simple: you almost always bring your phone wherever you go, so you do not need a separate device that can do the same things. What you do need is a watch that can augment—not duplicate or replace—your phone’s features.

Consumer Reviews

Most consumers agree with the rationale of Sony, hence the popularity of this unit. Consumers particularly like the stability (v3.0) and range (32 feet) of the Bluetooth connectivity although they would prefer it if the watch can be connected to more than one Bluetooth device at the same time.

Important Tips to Remember

The watch runs on Android so if your phone uses a different operating system, you can’t benefit from compatibility.

In Closing

Overall, the Sony MN2SW scores a remarkable 9 out of 10. Plus points were given for the refined look, Multitouch OLED display, and high grade Bluetooth. Some points were deducted because it could only connect with 1 device at a time and it did not have recording functions.

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