Stuhrling Original Men’s 600.03 Aviator Swiss Quartz – Review

Stuhrling Original Men's 600.03 Aviator Watch

Stuhrling Original Men's 600.03 Aviator Swiss Quartz
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Review Summary:

Stuhrling Original Men's 600.03 Aviator Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch is the best timepiece for any man.

It has the most durable material from the Struhling company, and has a multi-functional feature that not only allows you to keep track of time, but also the day, date, and another 24 hour speed dial. The best feature it has, however, is all of the materials is waterproof.

Product Specs

  • Swiss quartz mechanism
  • Built with the finest stainless steel case
  • Black ion positioned bezel
  • Black buckle clasped high quality silicone rubber band; 22 millimeters
  • 42 millimeter case diameter; 11 millimeter case thickness;
  • Water resistant up to 165f
  • Also features sub dials: day, date, and 24 hour dial



It’s very convenient, since it not only displays time just like other watches, but also tells the day and date using its watch calendar.

Very fashionable and trendy

Its jet black rubber straps make it very sleek and can go with any outfit, and every occasion.

Water resistance on the whole product

Unlike other leather strap watch that promises water resistance under feet of water, this watch has the whole material water resistant. Its band is made of rubber, so you won’t have to worry about creasing.


Dials are small to see

The face watch is already too small compared to usual watch sizes, then there comes the even smaller sub dials.

No illumination

It would be a major plus if the dials are illuminated, because it is really hard to see when it is night time and you’re trying to see the dials.

Rubber incubates sweat

This is not a major problem but once you remove the watch, you could see the mark it left on your skin – and it’s moist. It’s also very uncomfortable if you wore it a long time.

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Stuhrling Original Men's 600.03 Aviator Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch is the best timepiece for any man.

Editor rating

Rated 4 stars

User rating

Rated 0 stars

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