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Stuhrling Original Men's 571.33152

5 Best Stuhrling Watches Reviewed & Rated

Sthurling watches is a relatively young watch company with humble beginnings. Created in 1999, this American watchmaker manufacture still has a lot to prove in the world of wristwatches and they are working feverishly to stay on top with the ‘big boys’. It is heavy competition, and the products they produce are fine examples of constant effort to be recognized and to be respected.

In due time, they will be a great company and we here at GW will help you decide if they deserve to hang out at the ‘adults table’ alongisde Tissot, ESQ, Movado, and the like.

Pos. Details Price Rating Check Prices
1. Tourbillon Limited Edition $$$ 5/5 Buy Now
2. Skeleton “Winchester Tempest II†$$ 4.5/5 Buy Now
3. Original Classic Winchester $ 4.5/5 Buy Now
4. Original Concorso $ 4/5 Buy Now
5. Original Special Reserve Skeleton $$ 4/5 Buy Now

While the ratings can quickly answer the question; are their watches any good? The individual, more in-depth Stuhrling watch reviews are below where we will figure out what make these watches tick (pun very much intended) and list their pros as well as the cons.

We will see why these five watches have very high ratings across the board and pinpoint why it received each individual rating. You will also notice all watches reviewed here are classic analog.

Stuhrling Original Men's

Stuhrling Tourbillon Review

Stuhrling Tourbillon Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Mechanical, hand-wound watches bear the unmistakable pedigree of absolute craftsmanship. This is why it is no surprise that the Stuhrling Tourbillon Limited Edition’s asking price is much higher than the other watches in the list.

While that is indeed a good enough reason why this particular watch packs a punch that the other watches simply don’t have, it has another feature that looks to outshine even its pedigree as a mechanical watch.

One of the main reasons why this Stuhrling Tourbillon review is exciting to even write about is because of the meteorite dial that each and every one of these watches contain.

Stuhrling Original Men's 537.331XK2 Tourbillon Grand

Yes you read right – if you purchase this you will be wearing a dazzling rock from space write on your wrist.

Considering the point that this makes the Tourbillon Limited Edition watch unlike any other, you are probably wondering: how much do these watches by Stuhrling cost? Especially considering that Stuhrling is willing to go this far for their premium watches.

Surprisingly, as a mechanical watch the Stuhrling Tourbillon does not even come close to the asking price of some of the legendary Swiss watches out there.

As a matter of fact it is on the lower end of the spectrum of mechanical watches and for anyone who is looking to make an investment will find this piece a dream to have not only because of its features but also because of its price.


Aside from the meteorite dial and the obvious tourbillon design present in its name, it is also water-resistant to an extent. Showering or even swimming won’t do a thing to it but hobbies such as snorkeling are not recommended.

All in all, it easily achieves our highest rating of 5/5 – you would be crazy not to buy.

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Stuhrling Original Men's 470.33151 DT Bridge Date Black Leather Watch

Stuhrling Skeleton Watch Review: Winchester Tempest II

Stuhrling Skeleton Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

From the shining pedigree of a mechanical watch to the bare-bones automatic design of the Tempest II; we go deep down into the price range to introduce to you a piece that might feel like less of an investment when compared to the watch above, but still an incredible timepiece in its own right.

In this Stuhrling Skeleton Review, we find out why it was given such a name and how it stands to scrutiny.

Being a kinetic automatic watch it is by no means inferior to the hand-wound craftsmanship of a mechanical watch. However, because the materials used are not as valuable, the price does drop exponentially – which many people would actually see as a good thing considering the fact that it is nowhere near the price range of the Tourbillon Limited Edition.

That being said, the design of the so-called skeleton watch is quite breathtaking. One look at the watch will show you much of its inner workings which make it a very effective accessory if you are looking to impress.

However, the fact that it is an automatic watch makes timekeeping a little more of a chore and the Tempest in particular has a habit of losing time quite easily.

As far as the straps on Stuhrling watches go, the Winchester Tempest II is of quality make all around. The black crocodile leather strap is attractive and fits well with the watch’s design.

As a matter of fact aside from some of the problems people have with timekeeping it is very near-perfect as far as automatic watches go which is why it very clearly deserves its 4.5/5 rating.

Overall, this Winchester Tempest isn’t a faultless timepiece but it is still very much worth the price of admission.

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Winchester 44 Elite Skeleton Black Stainless Steel Watch

Stuhrling Original watch review: Classic Winchester

Stuhrling Original Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

We’ve seen what the Winchester Tempest II can do; now we get to seehow its predecessor fares in this review of the “Original” watch. It’s similar to the second Winchester in many ways; they are both automatic watches, and the skeletal design is present in both.

Fortunately, just like its younger brother this Winchester also looks incredible as well. The skeletal design choice is bold and formal at the same time; coming together to create a watch that fits in every single occasion.

Being a self-winding watch it does not need any batteries whatsoever making it an easy choice for anyone who is looking for a mix of class and convenience.

Similar to the watches above it is water resistant but cannot handle snorkeling with a limit of 50 meters underwater before problems start to kick in.

However, Classic Winchester has a small problem in that many people consider it to be too thick of a watch. For some reason, the Winchester II’s design works flawlessly despite being a thick timepiece itself. Fortunately, if you have problems with the black leather band it comes with you can easily interchange it with a brown band.

Add in the fact that the Stuhrling watch price of the Classic Winchester is even cheaper than its younger brother and you have a watch that is worth every penny.

Overall, this particular watch does very little wrong besides timekeeping being more of a chore and its general thickness. The rating stands firmly at 4.5/5, barely missing a perfect rating because of the extra timekeeping effort and the watch being a little too thick for its overall design.

If you can look past those small details, it is an absolute steal with its price tag. It is definitely worth the purchase.

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Stuhrling Original Men's 858L.02 Octane Concorso

Stuhrling Concorso Original Review

Stuhrling Concorso Original Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

So far we’ve reviewed a stunning mechanical watch and two very impressive automatic watches. Now, we are going to review a watch that is powered by a vibrating quartz crystal and battery – the Stuhrling Concorso.

For this piece Stuhrling decided to add some of the features one might see in a sporting watch into a luxury timepiece to create a combination that is bound to satisfy. First off, the obvious pro to this watch is the fact that it utilizes quartz technology – this means that timekeeping for this watch is the easiest among all the others.

However, the battery does have a finite power supply and will last for two years; a decently long time for a watch such as this.

The analog display is also quite wonderful, featuring sub-dials for the day, the date as well as a 24-hour sub-dial.

The design is what you would expect from a quality watch-making company like Stuhrling – sleek and beautiful with a synthetic sapphire crystal keeping your watch safe from the elements. As far as Stuhrling Concorso band goes; it is not only durable but looks great when paired with the design of the case itself.

Finally, being a sporty watch it wouldn’t be complete without water resistance.

Overall however, despite the watch’s excellent combination of sports and luxury it does not carry the same prestige as most other Stuhrling made watches.

As the cheapest of the five watches being reviewed it does tend to look the part, its modern design and materials giving most people who know their watches the sense that they got what they paid for.

However, this is something that is easily overlooked by the casual observer, which is why it still earns a solid 4/5 rating. If you like this watch you could also check out or review of a similar watch the Nixon Diplomat.

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Stuhrling Original Men's 571.33152

Stuhrling Original Special Reserve Review

Stuhrling Concorso Original Special Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

For the last in our Stuhrling Watch Reviews, we have another automatic, self-wind watch; something that the Stuhrling company is quite skilled at producing.

The Original Special Reserve upon first glance has the same special trait that the Winchester watches have – it turns heads thanks to its skeleton display.

Being able to show some of the inner workings always has this charm that people can’t seem to get enough of, and the Special Reserve pulls this off very well. Getting the main con out of the way, this watch appears to have poor timekeeping even for an automatic self-wind timepiece.

While sometimes it might do as it’s told you will find yourself wrestling with your watch a little to keep time. The most extreme cases have had people setting it multiple times in only the span of an hour.

However, not everyone runs into this problem and in the best of times, it keeps the time about as well as the other automatic watches. Aside from this however, this watch has everything one might expect from Stuhrling watch quality.

The design is sleek with the watch being neither too thick nor thin, and the strap is very comfortable overall. There is also an am/pm indicator which adds to the overall convenience. Because it is a stainless steel case with silver toned faceplate pretty much guarantees that it will always be easy on the eyes.

Overall, the watch is almost perfect. Unfortunately, the problem it faces with timekeeping is serious enough to deduct a full point from the watch’s overall rating, which is why it earns a 4/5.

It would have earned a perfect score had it kept the time as well as the rest of its automatic siblings, especially considering the price.

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