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5 Best Swiss Legend Watches Reviewed & Rated

While we have some emerging watch brands in the ‘sub-$500’ range, one upcomer that deserves a look is Swiss Legend. An independent Swiss maker with 30+ years experience, they have created some stellar examples like the Abyssos Automatic.

If that’s not convincing of what their products have to offer, then check out these reviews below that we at GW have done for you.

Swiss Legend houses Swiss movements with a unique design that only independent manufacturers can offer.


Pos. Details Price Rating Check Prices
1. Sprint Racer $$ 5 Buy Now
2. Trimix $$$ 4.5/5 Buy Now
3. Commander $ 4.5/5 Buy Now
4. Sprinter $ 4/5 Buy Now
5. Neptune Camouflage $ 4/5 Buy Now

While our all our review ratings are seen above (the scores are all quite high), below we’ll take a more in-depth look at why they received these ratings, from the features of each watch all the way to each watch price. Does this company truly live up to its name?

Swiss Legend Sprint Racer Review

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The first of the five watches we’re going to review is one whose design has come to be expected by anyone familiar with the company.

Mainly, the company is known for creating quartz-powered watches with Swiss movement, and it is already known that these watches do come from an Asian assembly.

So how does it hold up when compared to the quartz-based watches of pure Swiss companies? Surprisingly, it holds up very well.

Despite the more modern, sporty design of the Racer, the company has managed to craft a piece that seems to do well in every single aspect – in fact it even holds up against true luxury timepieces.

The high watch quality can’t be denied here. Thanks to the watch’s quartz-powered Swiss movement, timekeeping is an absolute dream.

You won’t have to worry about timekeeping with this watch as not only are quartz-powered watches the most accurate timepieces as far as wristwatches go, the Sprint Racer in particular excels at it.

The design is sporty but masterful, and its features do match that of a sporting watch. For example, aside from the watch’s excellent chronograph and sub-dial functions it can also be worn during snorkelling sessions, being able to handle upwards to 100 meters of depth.

Its design is also classy enough that you can take it with you to formal events without getting any strange looks. The gold-tone hands on a black dial look very impressive, giving it a modern edge that overcomes the weakness of modern watches looking less prestigious than its more classical counterparts. It gets a perfect rating of 5/5 because this particular watch was made incredibly well both inside and out, and the price is reasonable. You can’t go wrong with the Sprint Racer.

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Swiss Legend Trimix Diver Review

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Here we have a beautiful watch that just like the Sprint Race could have been perfect. However, the Trimix Diver watch is marred by just one single flaw – the company’s over enthusiastic advertising on the band.

The design of a watch needs to be picture perfect in every way, and the giant words SWISS as well as LEGEND do not have to be in plain view on either side of the piece in order to get it noticed because frankly, this watch does a fantastic job on its own.

It is solid and beautiful, but unfortunately the ugly words on the band distract from its overall beauty which is a real shame. Other than this one blatant flaw, the rest of this Trimix Diver review is filled with nothing but praise.

Being a watch specifically built for diving, the Trimix is an incredibly durable watch. Similar to the another dive watch we reviewed; the ‘Automatic Dive’ by Seiko, this is also capable of resisting underwater pressure all the way up to 200 meters (that is approximately 660 feet).

The light blue and silver-toned design of the piece goes hand in hand with its main focus, and the chronograph simply adds to the overall usefulness of this timepiece. Despite the advertising, the silicone band is a perfect contrasting black to the rest of the piece, which all goes together to create a fantastic looking watch in every which way.

That said, as a sporting watch its price is a little higher than what one would normally come to expect from this company’s diving line, but it is most definitely worth the price of admission.

Everything in this watch clicks and the overall design, minus the flaw on the band synergizes well. It deserves its 4.5/5 rating, which cements the brand’s ability to build sporting watches for every occasion.

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Swiss Legend Commander Review

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Continuing the trend of sporty diving watches, we have the Swiss Legend Commander Review. Similar to the first two watches in our reviews this is also quartz-powered with Swiss movement, and from what they have shown us, they can build remarkably well.

Fortunately the company does not disappoint as the Commander does everything as advertised. It is a diver’s watch meaning it can handle 200 meters deep underwater, and thanks to how it was built it is also incredibly durable.

It utilizes a sapphitek crystal for its window, a black silicone band similar to the Trimix and a stainless steel case.

The overall design of the Commander Chronograph watch is a mix of bold as well as classical design choices to create something that feels very solid overall.

For example, as far as the colors and materials go it’s relatively classic fare except for the silicone band. On the other hand, the large hour markers while something that is supposed to help you see underwater also feels like a very modern design choice that meshes together very well.

You can toss in all of the Commander
Chronograph features that you could possibly need with three sub-dials and it is an incredible watch overall.

If there was anything wrong at all about the Commander watches at all it would be the fact that it looks and feels like the price you pay for, which is nothing special.

It is an attractive watch to people who like the mix of old and new or those who intend to use it for diving, but otherwise the Trimix Diver is a more attractive watch.

However, the fact that it manages to do so well across the board earns it the rating of 4.5/5.

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Swiss Legend Sprinter Review

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So far, these watches have been proving themselves to be very solid and dependable all things considered. In this Swiss Legend Sprinter Review, we take a look at what could perhaps be the most solid and dependable watch of the five being reviewed.

A Sprinter watch is a very low-key sporting watch that is thick and large in design. However, because it is an all black watch this is more of an intimidating trait than a flaw or a con.

Swiss quartz-powered movement like the rest of its siblings, with similar features such as the chronograph and three sub-dials it has once again all of the features one might come to expect and it does everything as advertised. You can even do a bit of snorkeling with a Sprinter on because it is quite durable and water resistant.

However, despite its very solid design it does come with a design flaw or two. For example, because of the way the dials are placed and the very contrasting colors of the hands with the rest of the piece, you might find yourself spending a bit more effort than usual just trying to tell the time.

This becomes especially apparent when you’re distracted, as it becomes difficult to tell the primary hands of from sub-dials. Another thing the Sprinter watches show is that the date window is smaller than the rest of the sub-dials, making it hard to see.

Once again, you could do much worse than a Sprinter watch. The price is fair; there aren’t any obnoxious design choices and there are very few people who regret purchasing this watch. This is why despite some of its shortcoming it still gets the very fair rating of 4/5. It’s solid, and dependable.

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Swiss Legend Neptune Review

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For the last watch in this lineup we’re going to go for a sporty timepiece similar to the previously reviewed Sprinter, though this particular watch is almost exclusively considered a part of the company’s watches for men.

The Neptune is very similar to a Sprinter in a few ways, but is also its exact opposite in others. For example, whereas a Sprinter watch was all black in design and was quite low-key, the Neptune on the other hand is a mix of grey camouflage and silver tones to create a watch that stands out.

Not to mention the fact that the Neptune is quite large and heavy – even heavier than the Sprinter. This is mainly why it is considered a watch for men, though it is perfectly fine for a woman to want to wear it.

Another similarity the Neptune has with the Sprinter is the fact that this watch is water resistant up to 100 meters, which is great for snorkeling.

However, unlike the Sprinter the Neptune has no extra sub-dials (but it does have a date function built in).

Overall you have something that has overcome the Sprinter’s disadvantages but ends up falling short itself with a few disadvantages of its own.

For one, the size and heft of this piece is mostly considered a turn-off because comfort is a big part of the experience. Also, because of the lack of extra features it feels like you are not getting the most out of your money.

Without a doubt, the high quality is still very much present overall. However, the two steps forward one step back design has cost it a point in ratings which is why it earns a (respectable) 4/5.

Whether one enjoys this watch or the Sprinter now depends entirely on personal preference.

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