The 11 Best Tools For Repairing Watches You Should Buy

Tool Kits for Watch Repair

Up to hundreds of small parts can be found inside a watch, making it a fragile piece of equipment. Having said that, you need the appropriate tools to work on a watch.

Every watch lover and collector ought to have a tool kit for making repairs to watches. A excellent watch repair tool kit is the place to start whether you want to fix your watch bracelet or try to understand the fundamentals of watchmaking.

The most crucial and fundamental instruments you could require to fix or ajust your watch are included in these kits.

To be clear, there is a significant distinction between various watch repair tool kits. Having stated that, you must first be clear about why you require the watch repair tool set.

You might not need to get the most expert tool kits if you are just starting out and plan to experiment and use the tools occasionally.

On the other hand, it is usually a good idea to get high-quality tool kits if you plan to use the kit frequently and for more expensive watches.

As previously stated, there is a significant distinction between tool sets at different price points. The difference is not just in the cost.
Overall, higher-end tool kits have high-quality tools with more precision that do their tasks more effectively.

First of all, superior quality tool sets are more durable and do not wear out or break as quickly. The screwdrivers frequently lose their sharpness the quickest.

In reality, the heads of the screwdrivers frequently break. With more expensive screwdrivers, this is less likely to occur.

Additionally, additional tools in the simpler watch repair sets can even be made of plastic, which makes them far less strong and long-lasting.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you want your equipment to last. Unless, of course, you purchase them with a single usage in mind. We believe that spending more money on better tools is a wise investment.

But the choice is entirely yours, which is why we’ve included both high-quality and more reasonably priced alternatives.
Additionally, inexpensive tool kits typically have fewer tools.

This can be a concern because it might imply that you don’t have all the instruments you need to finish the work.

Top watch repair tools

We’ll look at the top-rated and most widely used watch repair tool sets below.

In the following sections, we’ll also delve into all you need to know about them and how to pick the one that will meet your needs the best.

1. Professional Grade Quick Service Watch Repair Kit, Bergeon 7812

The king of watchmaker’s tools is Bergeon 7812 Professional Grade Quick Service Watch Repair Kit. The majority of seasoned watchmakers and professionals like this brand.

Bergeon tools are created in Switzerland and offer some of the greatest quality in the business.

Naturally, they cost more than the majority of other instruments, but the quality really justifies it.

And in my opinion, it’s preferable to spend more on tools that will be more precise and last longer rather than inexpensive ones that would just endure for a few uses before breaking.

The 18 tools in this watch repair tool kit provide excellent coverage for the essential instruments required for watch maintenance and repairs.

It comes in a sturdy plastic case that has been precisely hollowed out inside for each tool, making it ideal for travel due to its portability.

“This tool package will let any watch enthusiast simply change batteries, modify or shorten bands, etc.,” claims Bergeon.

The best materials are used to create each set, which is handcrafted in Switzerland.

Included in the watch repair kit are:

  • Plastic tweezer 6460-P
  • antimagnetic tweezer 7026-00
  • 30081-100, 1.0 mm flat screwdriver
  • 30081-160, 1.6mm flat screwdriver
  • 6767-s spring bar tool
  • 2510-n flat nose plier
  • 7043knife and case opener
  • 6789-g flexible wrist measuring band
  • 2819-small JAXA mini case opener
  • 2611-2.5 2.5X watchmaker’s loupe
  • 7039 100% microfiber fabric
  • 7230 pin extractor
  • 6899-m-160, 1.0 mm flat spare blade
  • 6899-m-100,1.6 mm spare flat blade
  • 6767-a spare spring bar fork, and 6767-b spare spring bar point
  • 7230-g08 spare pin
  • 30080-tn small Tube container

The maker offers a one-year warranty on this set.

2. Case Opener Spring Bar Tool from the GOOGUJIA Watch Repair Tool Kit

172 tools and parts are included in this Googujia Watch Repair Tool Kit. It has a huge range of equipment that you might require when repairing a watch.

The equipment is of a high caliber and is utilized by both experts and amateurs. You can carry out a sizable number of tasks using all the instruments.

The tool kit is packaged in a black nylon carrying zipper box that makes it simple to store and transport.

An 18-month warranty is included with this watch repair kit.

Included in the watch repair kit are:

  • The spring bar link pin remover with four additional tips for strap adjusting/replacing is part of the watch repair kit.
  • Remover of Silver Watch Band Links
  • Watch band attachment
  • Two-Headed Hammer
  • Pin punches three
  • Open tool watch back cases
  • 5 in 1 precision screwdriver.
  • Adjustable Watch Case Holder
  • Adjustable Opener for the watch back
  • 3 A fine-tipped screwdriver for taking out battery covers (1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm)
  • Sizes of the watch spring bar are 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25mm; there are 8 pieces of each size, for a total of 144 pieces.
  • One cleaning cloth

3. 177 Vastar PCS Tool Set for Watch Band Links and Watch Repair

Most watch repairs can be completed using the Vastar 177 PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit.

The tools can be utilized in a variety of applications, such as opening watch backs, adjusting watch bracelets, replacing watch batteries, replacing gaskets, adjusting bands, and much more.

The majority of the tools you would require when working with watches are included in this toolbox. The equipment is sturdy and of excellent quality.

The tools are packaged in a lightweight fake leather case for portability.

Included with the watch repair kit.

  • One tweezer
  • 1 pin punch (0.8mm)
  • 2 watch hands removers
  • 1 watch strap punch
  • 1 brush for cleaning
  • 1 watch oil pen
  • 1 watch case opener
  • 1 all-metal watch band link remover
  • 5 bits for screwdrivers
  • 1 precision screwdriver
  • 1 spring bar tool
  • 1 Watch the hammer
  • 1 watch case knife pry
  • Spring bars: 108
  • 6 extra pins for watchband link removers
  • 2 spare tips for spring bar tools
  • 20 Band Link Cotter Pin Watch
  • 1 watchband clip
  • 18 extra pins for watch case openers
  • One watch case holder
  • One cleaning cloth
  • One carrying case
  • 1 user guide

4. Watch Case Opener Spring Bar Tools and Watch Repair Kits

This Watch Case Opener Spring Bar Tools and BYNIIUR Watch Repair Kits is well-liked for both personal and business use. Because of its extensive toolkit, it can be utilized for the majority of watch repairs.

The set comes with a variety of equipment, including screwdrivers, a tool to remove watch band links, and more.

The majority of the tools in the set are constructed of 304 stainless steel, which is high-quality and durable.

The nylon bag makes it simple to transport the set.

5. Tool Kit for ZEXETT Watch Repair

Tools of excellent quality are included in the Zexett Watch Repair Tool Kit. 200 pieces of tools and accessories are included. It comes with a thorough user guide that is quite beneficial for helping beginners comprehend the many usage scenarios.

To facilitate storage and portability, the tools are provided in a lightweight carrying case.

It includes the majority of the tools you would require for a watch repair and has 200 tools and accessories.

Included in the watch repair kit.

  • One red handle watch case opener knife
  • Pin for Watch Strap Spring: 108
  • 1 Yellow handle knife with a pry opening for the rear
  • 12 dark accessories for a case opener that is adjustable
  • 1 pair of stainless steel tweezers.
  • One operating instructions book
  • 1 base of yellow metal strap
  • One carry case
  • One movable case opener
  • 1 double-ended watch tool for removing metal spring pins
  • 1 Metal base for removing spring pins
  • One hammer
  • 3 fine-toothed screwdrivers (1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm)
  • Three pinpunches (0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm)
  • 3 more spring pins for the base of the metal spring pin remover
  • 1 seat in black
  • Table Screw 60

6. E-durable Professional Spring Bar Tool Set for Watch Repair

149 parts and accessories are included in this E-Durable Professional Spring Bar Toll Set. It includes a thorough instruction booklet that is incredibly helpful, especially for beginners.

You may perform a variety of repairs and chores with the help of the accompanying tools, including changing the strap, adjusting the strap length, replacing the batteries, and much more.

The maker claims that the tools are made of superior S2 material and can survive years of misuse. They are strong and long-lasting for watch repairs.

It is packaged in a Zipper Toolbag, where each tool has a designated spot. A one-year warranty is included with the watch repair kit.

Included in the watch repair kit are:

  • Heads for 5 screwdrivers
  • Pin punches three
  • 1 Tool Kit for Link Removal
  • One watch back opener
  • Accessories for watch case openers: 18
  • 1 Scaled Spring Bar Pin
  • One tweezer
  • 1 Watch Case Stand
  • 1 cleaning rag
  • 1 Link Pin Watch Band Strap
  • Pins for 108 watch strap springs (8-25mm)
  • Hammer and one watchband holder
  • Three watch pin punches
  • Punches for 2 spring bar pins / 1 × Precise Screwdriver

7. Ohuhu 156 PCS Tool Kit for Watch Repair

This is Ohuhu 156 PCS Tool Kit for Watch Repair a multipurpose tool kit for repairing watches that can be used in a variety of settings.

It can be used for many various tasks, such as opening watch case backs, adjusting watchbands, replacing watch batteries, changing watch gaskets, and much more.

The set comes with 156 extras, and the watch repair tool kits are all composed of durable materials suitable for both professional and everyday usage. Additionally, it has an 18-month warranty.

Included in the watch repair kit are:

  • One carrying
  • Case one hammer
  • One adjustable case opener
  • One watch case opener knife
  • One stainless steel tweezer
  • One spring bar tool
  • 1 Link Remover
  • 8 Link Remover Spare Pins
  • 1 Watch Case Holder (for watch cases 10-45mm in diameter)
  • 1 Watch back pry opener (with a yellow ergo handle)
  • 2 Spring Bar Tool Spare Tips
  • 126 watch strap spring pins
  • 3 pin punches
  • 3 precision anti-magnetic screwdrivers (1.2mm, 1.4mm, and 1.6mm)
  • 1 watch band holder
  • 4 adjustable pins that fit small and large watches are included.

8. Watch Repair Kit by XOOL

The XOOL Watch Repair Kit is a comprehensive set with nearly all the tools you might possibly need, especially for the most frequent chores like removing the case back, adjusting the bracelet, etc.

Both professionals and laypeople can utilize the kit. The set has 151 pieces and most of the tools and extras you could possibly need.

A useful operating manual is included. The tools are packaged in a nylon case with a zipper that is simple to carry and store.

Included in the watch repair kit are:

  • 1 Punch
  • One spring bar tool
  • One cleaning cloth
  • One carry case
  • Remove 1 Link
  • 1 Watch Band Stand
  • One movable case opener
  • 1 hammer with two heads
  • Stainless steel tweezers, one
  • 1 knife to open watch cases
  • 2 Spare Tips for Spring Bar Tools
  • 5 spare pins for link removers
  • One watch back opener
  • 1 Watch Case Stand
  • Pin punches three (0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm)
  • Screws three (3) (1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm)
  • Case Opener Pins, 18 Adjustable
  • Pins for 108 watch strap springs (Size: 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.43, 0.47, 0.5, 0.55, 0.6, 0.62, 0.67, 0.7, 0.74, 0.8, 0.83, 0.87, 0.9, 0.95 & 0.98inch, 6 watch strap spring-pins each of size)

9. Watch repair kit by EZTool

Nearly all the tools you would require to work on your watch are included in the EZ Tool Watch Repair Kit.

So it goes without saying that the tools won’t be of the finest quality, but they still do the job. Any newbie will love this set.

10. Watch Battery Replacement and Repair Tool Kit by Onmust

A comprehensive multifunction watch repair tool kit with a ton of tools and accessories is the Onmust Watch Repair Kit. It is popular for both general and professional use.

The majority of the tools you would require to work on your watch are included.

It is packaged in a black nylon carrying zipper bag, similar to the majority of other watch repair kits, allowing for convenient storage and simple traveling.

Included in the watch repair kit are:

  • One disassembling dish
  • 18 adjustable case opener pins and 1 watch case opener (55mm)
  • 1 tool for holding a watch casing
  • 12 nylon dies and 1 watch press
  • 1 tool for spring bars
  • 1 take the needle clamp
  • One below
  • One pry tool
  • One hammer
  • Three punch needles (0.8, 0.9, and 1.0 mm)
  • Screwdrivers in sizes 1.2, 1.4, and 1.6
  • 1 watch band holder made of plastic
  • One tweezer
  • 1 cleaning material

11. Professional Tool Kit for Watch Repair

This is one of the more expensive options, but we believe it is well worth it given what you get.

This Watch Repair Tool Kit Professional includes all of the most essential and fundamental tools, but it also includes a number of extra tools that are absent from many other watch repair kits.

It has 406 parts altogether. All of the tools are manufactured from materials like copper, ABS, aluminum alloy, and plastic and are strong, long-lasting, and sturdy.

Included in the watch repair kit are:

  • One watch press tool
  • 360 8 to 25 mm spring bars
  • 12 nylon dies to watch
  • a single hammer
  • 1 blower for dust
  • Screwdrivers
  • Back case opener

What tools come with a tool kit for repairing watches?

Depending on which kit you purchase, different things are included. In the end, it will also depend on how you intend to utilize your tool kit since various jobs call for various tools.

The following instruments are frequently included in a tool kit for watch repairs:


All watch repair kits come with screwdrivers since they are the most essential and frequently used tool while working with a watch.

You need screwdrivers of various sizes and varieties since timepieces frequently employ screws of various sizes and varieties.

Anti-magnetic screwdrivers are typically included in good kits since magnetism is particularly detrimental to the accuracy of a timepiece.


A watch repair kit comes with a loupe. You can observe minor components up close and in greater detail with the use of a loupe. But a loupe isn’t always included in kits.

However, it is useful when working with incredibly minute pieces and details.


Every watch repair kit includes tweezers. The tweezers can be used in a variety of situations. Like all other instruments, the tweezer should ideally be anti-magnetic.

Spring bar tool

It is necessary to be able to take off and reattach the bracelet when working on a watch.

The spring bar tool is required to remove the spring bars, which is how this is accomplished. As a result, a watch repair kit nearly usually include a spring bar tool.

As seen in our guide on spring bar tools, there are many different spring bar tools available, all of varying quality. Naturally, the spring bar tool will be better the better quality watch repair kit.

Back case opener

You must be able to open the watch’s case back in order to get to the movement if you intend to work on it. You require a case back opener in order to be able to remove the case back.

There are numerous types of case back openers, although the kits occasionally do not include this one. Because of this, you might have to either hunt for one that does or purchase one separately.

Link remover

A link remover is a typical item found in a watch repair tool box. With the use of this tool, you can take out links from your watch bracelet to change its size.

Different types of bracelets can be modified in various ways; some are adjusted with pins and others with screws. The link remover usually makes adjustments. Pin-based bracelets come in many styles.

Hammer for watchmakers

A watchmaker’s equipment frequently include a hammer for making watches. Naturally, the hammer is used to strike a variety of objects, particularly screws and pins.

A watchmaker’s toolkit may also contain a variety of additional tools in addition to those listed above. As a result, it can be useful to decide which tools you think you’ll need for your upcoming projects before buying your tool set.

Guide to purchasing a watch repair tool kit

As you can see, there are numerous varieties of watch repair tool kits available. This can make it challenging to make a decision unless you are certain of the tools you require.

Here are the most crucial factors to consider while looking for the best equipment for your needs to assist you in making your decision.

What should you do?

The most crucial factor in choosing a tool kit is to ask yourself what you need to do. As you can see, depending on the work they are designed for, various kits contain various tools.

If you just want to ensure that you have the most popular tools available to you when you need them, many tool kits are made to include the most significant and frequently used items for a wide range of activities.

Having said that, it is a good idea to look for a tool set that is built for that particular work if you need to perform something a little more specific. For instance, a tool kit for repairing a movement or changing the bracelet.

In these situations, you can look for a watchmaker’s kit or a kit for changing watch batteries.

This brings up the following point.

What equipment is required?

While this touches on the topics we covered above, make sure you review the instruments that are included in the tool set you intend to purchase. Does it come with all the equipment you require?

If not, you might wish to choose a different tool set or just add to your existing tool kit by purchasing extra tools individually.

When will you utilize them next?

This is a crucial question to ask because the answer will determine how much money you are willing to spend on a watch repair toolkit.

It’s probably not necessary to get the most expensive and premium alternative on the market if you just plan to use it once or twice a year.

On the other hand, it is a good idea (even suggested) to spend money on a high-quality tool kit if you plan to use it frequently.

Naturally, inexpensive tool sets come with tools that are of inferior quality and less precise than their more expensive counterparts.

Furthermore, while many people hold the opinion that they are all essentially the same, this is undoubtedly untrue. The professional watch tool kits not only endure longer, but they also keep their accuracy over time.

You want to invest in a tool kit that will last for a very long period and provide excellent precision repeatedly. The most economical choices won’t be like that.

The most crucial and fundamental instruments you require in a tool kit.

All watch repair tool kits should have some tools because they are so ubiquitous and are sure to be useful at some point even though, as was already noted, different jobs call for different tools.

And you’ll be happy that your kit has them when you find that you actually need these tools.

  • Using a spring-loaded bar, remove the bracelet.
  • Ideal watch case back opener for both screw-down and snap-on case backs
  • Screwdrivers, ideally in at least three distinct sizes to enable you to operate on the majority of timepieces you encounter
  • Tweezers
  • Watch magnifier Although it’s not always necessary, it’s useful to have if you need to observe tiny details closely.

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