The advent of social media has given everyone a viable platform to share their interests and passions with others. You can see share ideas, provide opinions freely, and learn about the craft through experts with just a few simple clicks.

One platform that has pushed this movement to stratospheric levels is YouTube. The simple video-sharing website grew with influential artists and turned video-blogging or ‘vlogging’ into an ecosystem that has significant cultural value.

Through YouTube, there have been great vloggers contributing to the wristwatch culture and devoted followers like us. Gracious Watch explored and found five great contributors to wristwatch culture and talks about what we love the most: time.

The Urban Gentry

YouTube Channel: The Urban Gentry

Starting in May 2014, The Urban Gentry has developed a following 200,000+ strong. His videos not only focuses on watch reviews, watch lists, etc. but also how to apply the wristwatch in your everyday life. He explores wristwatches of all price points and also talks about it through a theme, which is a nice touch of detail.

For example, his video on top five gangsters and the watches they wore expands further than just the watches themselves but also dives into the people wearing them, their lifestyle, and educates you about the wearer to provide an immersive experience:

Watchfinder & Co.

YouTube Channel: Watchfinder & Co.

Watchfinder & Co. is another YouTube channel that has recently flourished. Established in 2010, Watchfinder & Co. is primarily a used-watch boutique that offers high-end pieces at very reasonable prices.

Based in the UK, they initially posted reviews of their inventory that expanded to recommended reviews and brand comparison videos. Extensive, engaging and elegant, they are a great channel to unwind over the weekend and learn more about horology.


YouTube Channel: Hodinkee

A heavyweight in the horology world, Hodinkee is a great resource for any horology fan. Going beyond watch reviews, the site provides horology news, brand spotlights, and podcasts with horology fans. They feature specific collections that people worked hard to amass and also goes beyond horology such as market analysis and trend reports.

Our favorite series is ‘Talking Watches’ where they go in-depth with someone and their collection and the session with John Mayer stands out from the crowd.

Worn and Wound

YouTube Channel: Worn and Wound

Worn and Wound isn’t as big as the other channels we mentioned earlier but they offer unique content that other channels don’t focus on. Some of their videos relate to niche brands that will help you discover beyond the cookie cutter brands we all know today.

Worn and Wound is a portal that gives you an opportunity to look beyond the usual and embrace the unknown. That’s a good thing.



Last but not least is ARCHIELUXURY. If you’ve never seen his channel, prepare yourself for something special. His brand of delivery will immediately bring you to two spectrums: either you’ll hate him or you’ll love him. His vulgarity and honest opinion about watches will send you through a gut-busting good time or a shocking, offensive, ruined session.

His earlier videos were calm and proper but it evolved to borderline loony; his videos on watches are entertaining nonetheless. However, we did warn you beforehand so hold on and let us know what you really think.