Best Wooden Watches for Men

Top 7 Wooden Watches for Men

Wood is a tricky material to work with. It’s very sensitive to the elements, but has a distinct presence in the watch world. Seen as ‘eco-friendly’ and very natural, wood is an interesting choice to house a timepiece. In this case, it works! The material differentiates it from the crowd, which is all metal casings, and offers features that steel counterparts can’t:

  • Unique designs based on wood having their own properties based on exposure to the elements, growth pattern, etc.
  • Able to easy design different casings due to carpentry vs. creating a steel mould
  • Can easily be personalized with wood stains and finishes

I mean, check out these examples we at GW found for you!

Best Mens Wooden Watches

7 Best Wooden Watches for Men

Tense Mens Two Tone Round Sport Wooden Watch Roman Numeral G4100DS RNDF

Tense Mens Two Tone Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This two tone wooden watch is highly recommended for that sophisticated man.

The dark and brown hues are highly masculine. The two hues convey your unpredictability and adventurous spirit. Women do not like boring men.  It is wearable art as craftsmen maid this from high-grade Sandalwood.

Make yourself more elegant with this unique watch.

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Tense Solid Wood Multi Eye Hypoallergenic Wrist Watch Mens G4300DS ANDF

Tense Solid Wood Multi Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This Tense watch is absolutely beautiful. Its polished and clean look is very suitable for that fine man you. It will not make the wearer look aged but actually enhances his youthfulness as the multi-eye watch creates a younger look. It is lightweight and versatile.

This could be worn with other accessories that are wooden or made of leather.

It is great for that dressed up casual look for those days with that beautiful woman.

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Tense Natural Sandalwood Round Analog Sports Watch G4100S ANLF

Tense Natural Sandalwood Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This amazing sandalwood watch from Tense is crosses the classic yet innovative look.

Its geared bezel gives it an interesting touch. Perfect for that man who wants to be unique, the watch will be a conversation-starter and attention-getter.

This could be worn with neutrals or with an otherwise stark outfit. The lightwood of the dial complements the dark brown of the case and the band.

As a sports watch, the watch will not be damaged from the sweat and movement that arises from activity.

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Tense Sandalwood Jumbo Rectangular Dark Dial Mens Watch J8102SQR DFLN

Tense Sandalwood Jumbo Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Aiming for that vintage look but with a contemporary edge?

Tense gives you this beautiful rectangular wristwatch. Designed by master craftsmen, the natural grains of Sandalwood were given a beautiful finish. Finish off a look with this classic face.

The natural colors complement well with khakis, navy blues, whites and reds.

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Tense Inlaid Multicolor Round Hypoallergenic Mens Wood Watch G8109I

Tense Inlaid Multicolor Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices


Simple yet astonishingly unique and sophisticated, this multicolor wood watch is an absolute head turner. This could be worn with casual chic attire. It is very young and the face is simple. It has few details which is perfect for the no-fuss man. Its design is very versatile indeed. The color mix will last across trends.

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6)      WeWOOD Date Watch

WeWOOD Date Watch Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

WeWOOD offers this absolutely stunning watch.

It has this edgy look which exudes youth and energy. Its crown is even made of wood! Plus, it is water resistant. The watch could be worn with any casual look.

Clothes could be in bright colors or in neutrals yet the wristwatch will definitely add an interesting and stylish finish to the whole look. The Maple wood’s natural grains make the watch unique. No two watches will be the same.

This wristwatch from WeWOOD IS perfect for that confident and limitless man.

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Tense Sandalwood & Maple Sports Mens Wood Watch G4100SM

Tense Sandalwood & Maple Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This two toned watch is absolutely perfect. Made of Sandalwood and Maple, its natural colors give it a subdued elegance.

Be interesting with this watch. Pull this off with confidence and great style and absolutely become fashionable in an instant. Buy this as a gift or as a splurge.

Every buck is worth it.

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