The Most Popular Rolex Watches

Picture this: A well-aged man is relaxing in his bedroom, and contemplates his next luxurious adventure.

He’s surrounded by the best offerings: high thread count sheets, various artwork, and bespoke pieces of furniture. One glance at this man will give anyone the idea of having… everything.

He’s sitting in a custom-made lounge chair and as he scans his surroundings, he absorbs the sight of blessings his wardrobe is carrying. The wardrobe door, ajar, provides him a peek of what is behind the sartorial gates. The aura of opulence gracing his presence was inspiring.

His hard work, his struggles, were being rewarded by the pieces he has acquired during his storied career.

ManAs he sits up from his lounge chair, he opens the wardrobe door and exposes his earnings into the light. He grazes his hand on the fabrics that are hung: cashmere, Super 180, Vicuña… The various textures, the softness, the subtlety of each thread brings emotions which justifies the cost.

He gets ready for a lovely date with his significant other and all that was said to him was…

“Look your best as everything is a surprise 😉

– xoxo“

As he looks to complete his outfit, one thing bemused him: which watch should he choose?

He gazed at the various Rolex watches that he owned but how should he pick?

No matter which one he chooses, he can’t go wrong… but let’s see where the most popular Rolex watches available will take him.

His options…

Rolex Explorer Rolex Daytona

Rolex GMT Master II Rolex Submariner

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