The Top 10 Best Holders For Watch Movements You Should Buy

The Top 10 Best Holders For Watch Movements You Should Buy

Best Holders for Watch Movements

The proper tools are essential when working on timepieces, whether professionally or as a hobby. Without the right equipment, you can struggle to complete the process or, worse yet, damage the watch.

A watch movement holder is one of the tools you require when working on a watch movement.

When it comes to movement holders, it is unquestionably true what is claimed that, in general, quality is reflected in price.

Many watch movement specialists that we have spoken with, both professionally and as hobbyists, concur that while many movement holders resemble one another.

There are significant differences between watch holders and watch holders.

What to take into account while selecting a movement holder

The main problem with the less expensive options is that they don’t hold the movement as effectively as the better options.

After all, this is the single most crucial component to maintain the movement’s stability, prevent slippage, and avoid potentially harming the movement.

Yes, the less expensive options will work if you are merely modifying a cheap movement for learning and fun.

But it is advised that you avoid doing so if you have a fine, high-end movement because there is a chance that the holders won’t perform their function properly.

What you succeed at one end, however, can fail at the other.

The size of the movement holder is arguably the most crucial consideration. You could require many holders because not all movement holders have the same size.

Regardless, it’s crucial that you pick the right size for the exercises you intend to practice.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top watch movement holders to aid you. Don’t worry; we have also included some less expensive options for individuals who merely practice moves for leisure.

We’ve also included a couple watch holders in this list that aren’t especially for holding movements because there are occasions when working on the movement only requires opening the case back.

In these circumstances, using a watch holder will be more practical than removing the mechanism.

Best holders for watch movements

1. Bergeon 4040 Extendable and reversible movement holder

Bergeon 4040 is one of the best in the game when it comes to watch tools and accessories. This movement holder is created in Switzerland, much like their tools.

It is of outstanding quality and provides excellent precision, as you would anticipate from all of their products. Many people feel that this is among the best holders available.

It is a reversible movement holder with an extendable range for motions between 8 3/4″ and 19″. To ensure a proper fit and strong hold, it is adjusted via the screw. It has been sanded and chromium-plated.

2. Rolex Watches 3035, 3135 Horotec Movement Holder a Swiss Tool

Another well-known Swiss producer of watch tools and accessories is Horotec.

If you want to work on a Rolex movement, especially the 3035 or 3135, this holder is one of your finest options because it is specifically designed for Rolex movements.

3. 4039-P Bergeon Synthetic Movement Holder That Can Be Extended and Rotated

Another movement holder from Bergeon is this one. It is not constructed of metal like the other one; rather, it is made of synthetic material.

Since the material is softer and may lessen the chance of hurting or scratching the movement, some individuals like this.

It may be adjusted using the screw for a proper fit and a dependable hold and can accommodate motions that range in size from 3 3/4″ to 11″.

4. Watch Movement Holder ETA 7750-7758/SW500 13 1/4 Tool Bergeon 7100-ETA-775X

This Bergeon watch movement holder is developed specifically for ETA and Sellita movements and is movement-specific. more precisely the SW500 Base-ETA-775X and ETA 7750-7758.

Although it has been specifically designed to be the best fit for certain movements, it will also function for other activities.

The holder is constructed of anodized aluminum and has polished steel support screws.

5. Bergeon Vices Watch Repair Kit Bergeon 55-057 Movement Holder

The Bergeon 55-057 is a different holder for watch movements. This holder includes four plastic jaws that are adjustable and non-slip to keep it in place.

The watch holder is designed to hold timepieces without requiring the wearer to take off their bracelet.

6. Watch Advisory Jewelry Holder for Watch Movement with Four Pins

When it comes to watch movement holders, this Jewelry Adviser Watches Movement is one of the less expensive options.

That being said, it will function, but you must use caution when using it to avoid slipping.

Four plastic pins that hold the holder in place and guard against scratches are included.

7. Duroplast Boley Movement Holder ETA 7750 – 7770 31mm

Last but not least, this is a movement holder constructed of the tough plastic duroplast. In order to maintain the movement, it features a strong design.

Although specifically designed for the ETA 7750-7770 caliber, it can also be used with other movements.

8. Tools for jewelers clamp for movement

This Jewellers Tools 8in1 Movement Holder Clamp is one of the less expensive options.

Expect nothing spectacular, but it will get the job done. This is advantageous if you’re just getting started and don’t want to invest in more expensive options just yet.

9. TS-CH300 Metal Watch Repair Tool by Paylak

The Paylak TS-CH300 is a large watch case holder that has four movable pegs to allow you to customize the size.

This holder is made specifically for extra-large movements and can accommodate cases and movements with a 70 millimeter diameter.

It is made of plastic to avoid scuffs or damage.

Do you require a watch holder or a movement holder?

The first thing you should decide is whether you need a movement holder or a watch holder. Both are essential for serious hobbyists and professional watchmakers to have so they are prepared for any difficulty.

As was already noted, there are instances where it is more practical to utilize a watch holder than to remove the movement from the case in order to perform maintenance.


Many movement holders are non-adjustable and only come in one size. This implies that in order to work on a specific action, you will need to discover the ideal size.

In light of this, you must decide whether movement holder is compatible with the size of the movement you wish to work on.

It is typically a good idea to get various holders if you plan to work on a variety of movements so that you always have the appropriate holding for the job.

Or, of course, you may spend more money and get a movement holder that can be adjusted to fit the size of the movement you are working on, giving you more alternatives.

Of course, this is far more practical than needing to switch between numerous holders.

Because they are typically large enough to serve as pocket watch movement holders and to accommodate the massive movements that are typically found in pocket watches, the adjustable movement holders are also practical.


Metal or plastic are most frequently used to make movement holders.

While each of these has advantages of their own, movement holders made of plastic are often kinder to the movement because plastic doesn’t truly scratch metal.

On the other side, metal movement holders are more durable and stable.

What is a movement holder for a watch?

An actual watch movement holder is one that is intended to retain the movement steadily while being worked on.

A movement holder is essential for watchmakers working on or servicing movements in order to have a sturdy and steady item to work on and to prevent injuring the movement by merely setting it flat on a surface.

Which movement holder is the best?

Bergeon and Horotec are arguably the top manufacturers of watch movement holders.

These companies are experts in creating watches and watch-related accessories, so they have the necessary skills and experience to create the most accurate, high-quality items with the best performance.

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