The Top 10 Best Tools You Can Use To Open Watch Case Backs

The Top 10 Best Tool You Can Use To Open Watch Case Backs

Guide on How to Open a Watch Case Back

Case backs are included with the vast majority of timepieces. The watch’s throbbing heart, the movement, is protected by the case back.

Your watch’s case back can be opened using a wide variety of case back openers,

Different watches utilize different types of case backs, therefore different tools are required. Others feature pop-in, or snap-back, case backs that are popped against the casing.

Some watches have screw-down case backs, which are often the most prevalent. The most popular case backs are screw-down case backs since they perform better overall.

Screw-down case backs versus snap-back case backs

Due to the fact that they fit the case more securely and offer better protection from dust and water, screw-down case backs are preferred to snap-back case backs.

You can’t typically rely on snap-back case backs to provide a 100% seal because they are essentially just snapped on.

The majority of older/vintage timepieces have the snap-back case back construction, which was more popular in the past.

Having said that, if you own a classic watch, it probably features a snap-on case back.

Additionally, if your watch has a smooth case back without any ridges, notches, or other markings, it probably has a pop-off case back.

Having stated that, several case back openers are required for various watch models. They can occasionally be distinguished as watch openers/case back knives and watch openers/case backs.

In order to remove the back of a “pop-off/pry-off” case, you use a “knife” that you can use to pry. When doing this, take care to avoid forcing the watch’s casing open and damaging it.

A case back opener can be useful in a variety of situations. Most essential perhaps when you want to examine a movement, but also when you want to service it, adjust it, replace the battery, or just appreciate it.

Therefore, every watch enthusiast and collector should have a watch case back opener in their collection of tools and accessories.

Optimum back openers

For both screw-down case backs and snap-on case backs, we have listed some of the most popular watch case back openers below.

Case back openers come in several varieties.

Case back openers of better caliber typically have a higher caliber, last longer, but most importantly, they typically offer the best precision.

To prevent injuring the case back while using a case back knife, you want the case back to be as precise as possible.

Additionally, if the case back on the tool contains a screw, you should make sure the tool fits perfectly to make removal simple.

1. A watch opener and back case remover

A watch case back opener, a watch holder, two tools for removing watch case backs, and two screwdrivers are all included in this kit.

As a result, it serves as a fantastic all-purpose tool for both removing the case back and changing the battery.

The watch holder may be adjusted to fit different watch sizes and aids in keeping the watch in place.

Although it is possible to remove the back without one, doing so reduces the possibility of slipping and injuring the watch.

To accommodate most watches, the case back opening features tempered tips that can be adjusted from 0.5 inches to 2.2 inches.

Placing the blade under the case and prying it off makes using the case back knife simple.

Finally, if you have a quartz watch, you can quickly replace the battery with the help of the screwdriver.

2. Watch Back Cover Case Opener for Vruping

This Vruping watch case back opener is part of a set of equipment for changing batteries. But mechanical watches can also use it, of course.

Two opening tools are provided in the set, and you use them by putting them beneath the case back and prying it off. The shafts of the tools are plastic, and the tools are constructed of steel.

They are incredibly simple to use and understand. Keep in mind that these tools only work to pry off case backs that are not fastened into the center case.

3. Bergeon Watch Case Opening Tool with Four Pin Sets

One of the top watch tool companies in the world, Bergeon manufactures its goods in Switzerland, the birthplace of the luxury watch.

Additionally, skilled watchmakers from all over the world use their instruments.

Four sets of various chucks, all constructed of top-notch steel to provide a secure hold when removing the case back, are included in this set of case back openers.

The tools are simple to use and may be altered to accommodate timepieces of various sizes. The chucks can be used with case backs that are polygonal, slotted, holed, or grooved.

This excellent all-purpose tool makes it simple to remove the majority of screw-down case backs.

4. Professional Watch Repair Tool Kit from Zeiger

This Zeiger tool is a premium case opener for timepieces of various sizes. The tool’s extended range of tips, which span a diameter of 15 to 55 mm, allows for a variety of uses.

Overall, it is fairly comparable to the previously stated Bergeon instrument but is much more cheap. Of course, the build quality will also reflect this.

However, it is entirely up to you and depends on what you plan to use it for as to whether you want to go for a cheaper or more expensive alternative.

One three-pin case opener with 18 pins is included with the tool. They arrive packaged in a convenient and useful storage box.

This kind of tool is excellent because it makes it simple to open case backs without causing any harm.

5.Bergeon 8008 Rubber Ball for Case Back Opening and Closing

Another handy and helpful tool from Bergeon 8008 Rubber Ball that makes it simple to open screw-down case backs is this one.

It has a typical rubber ball shape, however it can aid detach a case back by providing grip against it. It is also reasonably priced because of its straightforward design.

Due to its simplicity of use, this is one of our favorite case back openers for screw-down cases. The rubber ball won’t scuff up the watch. It is about 67 mm.

6.Bergeon 7403 Watchcase Back Opening Knife Tool

The Bergeon 7403 watchmaker case back opener is another excellent tool. Since this is essentially a Victorinox Swiss army knife, carrying it around is incredibly simple and practical.

In addition to the typical tools found in a Swiss army knife, it also comes with a knife tool that opens the case rear. This makes it an excellent all-purpose tool that also includes a case back opener.

We highly advocate using this practical tool!

7. Single-blade Bergeon case opener

This single-bladed Bergeon case back opener is uncomplicated and easy to use, making it possible to quickly pry open a case back.

This straightforward tool doesn’t require any introduction, but it will work nicely for case backs that don’t screw down.

8. Watch Back Case Remover Remover Repair Knife

8 pieces of spring bars and 5 pieces of each type of watch case back remover repair knife are included in this fantastic tool package.

The majority of non-screw-down case backs are simple to pry open thanks to the large selection of case back openers.

If you handle a variety of watches and need to be ready for various case backs and designs, this is a perfect package.

9.LYECUN Case Opener with Adjustable Case Back Wrench

The LYECUN Case Opener is a compact, portable case back opener that is useful for screw-down case backs.

It can be used for the majority of case backs, independent of their size, because its size can be simply adjusted with your thumb via the adjustment wheel.

10.VEVOR Bench Watch Opener The tool features adjustable jaw distance from 14 mm to 56 mm.

The VEVOR Bench Watch Opener  is one of the most expensive, sophisticated, and excellent solutions available is this.

Although it costs more than the others roughly $150 it delivers significantly more accuracy and usability.

This bench watch opener is a good choice for professional watchmakers, hobby watchmakers, or watch aficionados because it is made exclusively for screw case backs.

With vice blocks that range in size from 6mm to 22mm, it has a sturdy bench design and ensures that the watch is secured at the lugs. It is used naturally to open and close case backs.

It comes with six grooved dies and adapters, one adjustable case holder, and other accessories for various case back needs to ensure that it is appropriate for every watch type.

Think about the water resistance.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that if you open the watch case back on a water-resistant watch, you can jeopardize the watch’s water resistance.

For instance, a rubber gasket is often present on a screw-down case back to guarantee the watch is watertight, but if the back is unscrewed.

The gasket may become damaged and cease to offer the intended level of water resistance.

This is especially true if your watch is older because the rubber gasket will eventually degrade. When you take the case back out, it can break or just be filled with goop and need to be replaced.

It is therefore recommended that you get a water-resistant watch’s pressure verified when you open the case back.

You can utilize that if you have a watch waterproof tester at home. If not, it is advised to visit a watchmaker before diving into the ocean while wearing it.

How to take the case back off a watch

it’s important to note that you might need to take off the bracelet first. This is especially valid if your bracelet is made of metal.

This makes it simpler to get to the back and keeps the bracelet out of the way. Since a leather strap is fastened from each end separately, it’s typically not a problem.

Additionally, a watch case holder might be helpful to make the task more steady and prevent slipping and scratching the watch.

How to remove a watch case back with a snap

With the correct tool, opening a watch’s snap-off case back is simple and uncomplicated. To easily and correctly remove the back.

How to take out a case back that is screwed down

Your case back is presumably a screw-down case back if it has ridges, notches, or isn’t smooth. To correctly remove a screw-down case back.

How firmly should a screw-down case back be fastened?

You will want to continue screwing until you have to exert a lot of energy in order to continue when you reattach your screw-down case back and screw it down.

Naturally, you should exercise caution toward the end to avoid being overly harsh, but you’ll be able to tell fairly quickly without using much power when the back stops screwing.

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