This Is A List Of The Top 20 Watches For Kids You Should Buy

20 Meilleures Montres Pour Enfants Que Vous Devriez Acheter


The Top 20 Kids Watches They Will Love

Children’s watches are a fantastic method to begin educating children about time and day planning. There is a wonderful watch out there for every age of your kids.

While some options are roughly as high-tech as a smartphone, others help kids learn the fundamentals of telling time.

While other options go back to the fundamentals with simply an analog face, these smartwatches support activity monitoring and friendly competition among friends.

Your choice of watch will be influenced by your children’s age, preferences, and any additional features you’d like them to have besides telling the time.

1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX.

Your children may introduce wearable technology early on with the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX. It is a multi-purpose device with cutting-edge features and a programmable display.

This watch contains three built-in activities, five games, and three action challenges that make use of the motion sensor in addition to telling the time.

In addition, there is a camera feature that enables aspiring photographers to begin documenting exuberant childhood experiences.

Finally, there are four color options available: blue, pink, purple, and green. Both children and adults will adore this sturdy, instructive, and, above all, entertaining gizmo.

2. Children’s Camo LED Sport Watch

Kids who are active will love this LED sport watch with a military theme. It can survive vigorous play and mishaps because to its shockproof and waterproof construction up to 165 feet.

This watch has a digital display for timekeeping, a calendar, a stopwatch, an alarm, and an LED backlight for nighttime use. Additionally, the large athletic face and the substantial band look fantastic.

Other color choices for your youngster if they don’t like the entire camouflage thing include a vibrant rainbow or a metallic chameleon blue and purple.

3. Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch from Timex

Wearing this Timex digital watch, your kids will be able to know the time with ease and appear fashionable. The date, time, and alarm are all shown on the simple-to-read 35mm digital face.

Additionally, it features the Indiglo light-up dial, which makes it ideal for use at night. The 18mm double-layered nylon strap can be adjusted to accommodate wrists up to six inches, making it suitable for both little and big youngsters to wear.

Lastly, take comfort in knowing that it is waterproof to 165 feet and covered by the Timex Kids Loss Protection Plan.

4. Kids’ Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Ace 2 activity tracker is ideal for active children. By collecting virtual badges and competing against others, it enables kids to adopt healthy behaviors and lead active lifestyles.

Parents and kids can track each other’s accomplishments by syncing the gadget with the Fitbit app.

Up to 5 days of battery life adds additional advantages, allowing children to spend more time playing and less time charging.

Additionally, the watch is splash-, swim-, and shower-proof.

The silicone wristbands also available in a range of hues and designs. As a result, your kids can fully customize their expression using a variety of bands and accessories.

5. Garmin Vivofit JR

The Vivofit JR activity tracker from Garmin elevates your kids’ playtime. It not only tells the time like a typical watch, but it also monitors activity and instills healthy behaviors in children.

Parents and kids can monitor their children’s activities, sleep, and even completed chores using the Vivofit JR app, which syncs to the device.

The software offers rewards like money and an adventure trail to promote enjoyment and participation.

The actual device is waterproof to 165 feet, has a silicone strap that is non-irritating, and has a 1-year battery life.

Additionally, you may buy several straps to alter the appearance for your kids.

6. Casio Waterproof Digital Children’s Watch

For more than 40 years, Casio has been producing timepieces. Consequently, this digital Casio square-faced watch is a great purchase for your kids. The date is displayed beside this straightforward digital display.

A daily alarm, a 1/100 second stopwatch, and an LED light allow you to use this watch’s additional features in the dark.

Additionally, the battery has a seven-year lifespan and the gadget is waterproof up to 165 feet.

Finally, even if your child’s room isn’t the cleanest, the bright blue hue is not only eye-catching but also makes it simple to spot.

7. Jojo Siwa Kids Watch with Touchscreen

Undoubtedly, Dance Moms star Jojo Siwa is to blame for many young girls’ fashion sense. There is no exception with this genuine Jojo Siwa Touchscreen watch.

Numerous clockface variations that can display the time, day, and date are available on the touchscreen digital display.

A step counter, alarm, timer, calculator, and games are among the extra features.

However, the selfie camera and audio recorder are two of the most distinctive features.

To ensure that your kids have as much fun as possible at sleepovers and other gatherings, you can download the images and sounds for secure sharing.

8. Children’s Digital Sports Watch

For this digital watch, a range of colors are available. Kids that are active, participate in sports, and love the outdoors will love this watch.

The watch is shock-resistant due to the protective shell, sturdy due to the strong resin face, and waterproof up to 165 feet.

As a result, it’s ideal for swimming, contact sports, and everyday kid-related activities.

The Japanese movement also guarantees precise timekeeping. It also features a display that shows both the analog and digital time, which makes it a fantastic teaching tool.

A stopwatch, dual time zones, a date display, and an alarm are additional features.

9. A kids’ SIM-enabled Smartwatch

This children’s smartwatch looks like it belongs in a Spy Kids film. Any child will adore this contemporary device because it comes in three colors: blue, black, and pink.

On the digital touch screen of the watch, the time and date are shown. Additionally, it includes a SIM card so that your kid can call and be called, exactly like a covert spy.

Then, seven enjoyable games, a camera, and a music player are all included.

All captured photographs are kept on an internal SD card for safe download to a PC.

Finally, a voice recorder, a calculator, and an alarm clock are other spy-worthy accessories.

10. Vintage Casio CA53W-1 Men’s Calculator Watch

This retro watch from Casio is perfect for parents wishing to buy their children a less technologically advanced device.

The time and date are clearly apparent, and the display is uncomplicated.

It also contains an alarm and stopwatch. The calculator, which has genuine buttons, may be the watch’s most entertaining feature.

It’s ideal for on-the-go rapid math. Additionally, the battery life is excellent, lasting up to five years, and the device is water-resistant.

This watch is ideal for returning your children’s timekeeping to its fundamentals.

11. Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS, TickTalk 3

The 4G LTE TickTalk 3 A universal smartwatch has features comparable to those found in smartphones.

It has a two-way video calling feature that enables parents to communicate with their children in person.

There is also instant messaging. This entails that both individually and in groups, your youngster can send and receive text, voice, and photo communications.

Additionally, 4G monitoring is available so you can always be aware of where your child is. Even playback is included so you can see where your child has been.

Finally, the display can be customized to tell the time for standard watch functions.

Furthermore, the device is water-resistant, so it is protected from rain and unintentional splashes, and the nylon strap is pleasant and long-lasting.

12. Kids’ Touch-Screen Watch for DC Comics

This DC Comics watch is a must-have for a gift or surprise if your kid loves Batman.

Kids can easily control the touchscreen and choose from a variety of clock faces, all of which feature everyone’s favorite bat-themed hero.

This watch not only displays the time, day, and date, but it also offers a ton of other entertaining features. Three games, a selfie camera, voice recorder, and pedometer are among them.

The less appealing but still useful alarm, stopwatch, and calculator capabilities are also available.

Although the battery is long-lasting, a USB cable can also be used to quickly charge it.

The USB cable can also be used to transfer any captured photographs to a computer for secure sharing.

13. Children’s Disney Minnie Mouse Watch

Who could be a better person to teach your children how to tell time than Minnie Mouse? This Disney Kids’ Minnie Mouse watch is specifically made to accomplish that.

The display includes both the hours and minutes, with numbers designating each interval of five minutes. The hands are then written with the hours and minutes to make it easier for young learners to tell the time.

For accuracy, the time is kept by a Japanese quartz movement, and the crystal face is scratch-resistant.

Not to mention that the leather band can be adjusted to fit wrists of different sizes and that the watch is water resistant.

It is the ideal, uncomplicated watch for young children still figuring out how time works.

14. Lacoste Children’s Quartz Watch

The preppy look of Lacoste blends beautifully with their children’s watches. This watch is straightforward but entertaining and useful, inspired by genuineness and sportiness.

The quartz movement maintains accuracy of the analog time display, and the large numbers are simple to read.

The watch face is made of strong mineral crystal that resists scratches and is water-resistant to 165 feet.

Finally, the color scheme of white and blue is timeless and adaptable, and the playful rubber strap is cozy and simple to wear.

15. Lego Movie 2 Quartz Children’s Watch


Allow your kids to customize their new Lego watch with their favorite Lego Movie 2 character.

You have the choice of the sweet but insane UniKitty, the ever-friendly Emmet, or the feisty and rebellious Wyldstyle.

These timepieces are more interactive than others because, like all Lego products, you can build them yourself. Your child can attach the included mini-figurine to the watch band.

Additionally, the rest of the strap can be customized with the multicolored links.

An easy-to-read analog display and a Japanese quartz mechanism are used to maintain the time accurate on the clock face.

Finally, it includes a mineral acrylic lens for durability and scratch resistance, and it is waterproof up to 165 feet.

16. Timex Weekender Kids Watch Peanuts

From the weekend carton in which it first appeared to 1980s and 1990s television programs, Peanuts has come a long way.

Now that Timex has an official watch, you can continue to instill in your children the Peanuts spirit.

Choose from a cast that includes Snoopy himself, Lucy, Charlie Brown, and Linus.

The analog display has large, legible numbers with the arms of the letters acting as the hands.

Also, to aid younger children who are still learning, the minutes are indicated in 5-minute increments.

The mineral glass crystal face is scratch resistant, and the easy-slip cloth strap is simple to put on.

While Snoopy cannot swim in the lake while wearing this watch, it is still splash and rain resistant.

17. Marvel Boys Touch-Screen Children’s Watch

This Spiderman watch is ideal for your kids if your home is more Marvel than DC. The eye-catching color scheme and Spiderman graphics will win over even the most ardent fan.

It has all capability, with the exception of web-shooters. There has a touchscreen face with several time, day, and date display settings.

The selfie camera and voice recorder are also great for getting into mischief and recording memories.

Three games, a step counter, an alarm, a timer, and a calculator are all included.

The watch is not waterproof, thus the wearer of the watch must avoid swimming, but the silicone band is comfortable and sturdy.

18. VTech Kids Watch Paw Patrol Chase Learning

Encourage your young children to learn about time from an early age. The ideal place to begin is with this VTech Paw Patrol watch.

Along with telling the time and including a timer, stopwatch, and alarm, it also has other excellent features.

Four interactive learning games are included to promote pattern detection and selecting the appropriate tool for the job.

Additionally, the watch is available in red, pink, and blue, each with a different Paw Patrol character.

While the pink watch represents Skye, the pilot pup, the blue watch features Chase, the German Shepherd police dog.

Marshall, the cute Dalmatian fire dog, is the final item on the red one. As a result, no matter what character your child prefers, there is a watch for them.

19. Watch Ferrari Kids RedRev Silicone


Your children might be too young to drive, but any aspiring rev-head would adore this swift red Ferrari timepiece.

The quartz movement maintains the accuracy of the analog time display, and the mineral crystal face guards the watch from dents.

The prancing horse insignia is prominently displayed, and the honeycomb texture of the silicon strap alludes to the race car’s structural skin.

It is a strong timepiece that nicely complements this well-known racing company.

20. Kids Watch Lego Batman


With the help of this Lego watch that can be built, take on Gotham as The Joker.

Your children may create their own custom color combinations and the ideal length because each wristband link is a different color.

A miniature Joker figurine is also included to offer some extra depth. The acrylic screen is scratch-resistant, and the analog display is simple to read.

Last but not least, if Joker is accidentally thrown into the water, you can rest easy knowing that this watch is water-resistant to 165 feet and will withstand a brief dive or light rain.


What are the top watches for kids?

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX, Kids Camouflage LED Sport Watch, and Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch are a few of the top children’s timepieces.

Which watch company is ideal for children?

The top watch manufacturers for children include Vtech, Timex, Fitbit, Garmin, and Casio.

Should I give my child a smartwatch?

Depending on them and your parenting approach, you should decide whether to offer your child a smartwatch.

Smartwatches can be a terrific tool to monitor and advance your child’s learning and development.

Numerous designs incorporate fitness tracking and educational components that help teach your children about leading active, healthy lives.

They can also make it simpler for you to reach your youngster by using GPS data, messaging, and phone calls.

Make sure to invest in a style with sufficient parental controls if you have younger children so you can keep them secure online.

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