Three Watches That Will Make His Father’s Day

three perfect watches for father's day

This One’s For You, Dad: Three Watches That Will Make His Father’s Day

A great father will be there for you every step of the way. He’ll help you convince Mom to borrow the family car a little later after curfew to impress that girl in your class, or he’ll pick you up any time, and get you a strawberry milkshake that you always love from the one diner across the city because some stupid boy ditched you at the movie theater.

Whether you’re the bratty son, or “Daddy’s Little Girl” your father will always cherish every moment with you. Doesn’t he deserve a little something for all the trouble you gave him?

We at GW have some recommendations that will bring a smile to your father’s face. We have some Best Sellers that you can peruse, or just go for the gusto and see which watches are GW’s ‘cream of the crop’.

If you’re still undecided, here are three watches that will make his Father’s Day.

Ballin’ on a Budget? Don’t Sweat It- We’ve Got You Covered!

We’ve hand-picked three great watches that rock their respective price-points: sub-$500, $1,500 – $2,500, and $3,000+.

These three represent the best bang-for-your-buck value prop you can find short of free.

Our Sub-$500 Pick: The All-American Shinola Detroit

Shinola is a brand that a lot of people overlook simply because they don’t know the Shinola story. Hey, we won’t judge you on this one- it’s easy to look at the same-old same-old. Not today, though: this Shinola deserves serious wrist time.

Coming in at 41mm, the Shinola Detroit is the perfect size for any man: even the leanest and meanest of us can wear it comfortably, and it’s well-sized for the dads out there that have a spare tire (or two).

Sporting an American-made (with Swiss components) quartz movement, this Shinola is sophisticated and uncomplicated, preferring to let its clean dial (with small-seconds at 6 o’clock) do all the talking. The silver dial, by the way, sports excellent nighttime visibility thanks to ample Super-LumiNova treatment on the hands

Protecting all this hardware is sapphire glass and a stainless-steel case. Assuming your dad takes even halfway decent care of it, the Detroit will stand the test of the time with ease.

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Middleweight Mastery: The Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Automatic Calibre 6

Tag is legendary in the watch world for two things: sponsoring F1 racing teams, and building watches known for precision accuracy and longevity.

This Grand Carrera, sporting the venerable Calibre 6 automatic movement, showcases what Tag does best: building value-packed watches that hit wayyyyyy above their price-point.

Sure, $2,500 is no joke, but in the world of watches, $2,500 is considered entry-level luxury. In a world where luxurious competitors can cost two, three, or even ten times as much, what makes the Grand Carrera Calibre 6 stand out?

First, there’s the unique rotating seconds wheel at 6 o’clock- a fanciful twist on the traditional seconds display. The small things are what help define a watch, and this seconds display is a unique (and gorgeous) take on timekeeping.

Next, there’s the house-made automatic movement. The heart of any timepiece is the mechanical motor within, and the Calibre 6 is among the best you’ll find in anything under $10,000.

Finally, at 40mm, it’s sensibly sized and not overdone. Sophistication requires taste to really land, and this Tag has it in spades.

BONUS: Grand Carrera’s are officially no longer in production, meaning that you be sure that your father will have one of the last Grand Carrera’s available new.

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Haute High-End: Armand Nicolet J09 Chronograph

Armand Nicolet was the first watch brand that I ever felt a personal connection with.

In a world where “moar brand = moar $$$”, Armand Nicolet is a shining example of the kind of value you can get in something that is genuine and true to watchmaking tradition.

Now, let me be clear: $5,000 is no paltry sum to spend on a timepiece, and if you’re apt to spend that kind of money, you’re probably already familiar with what’s on the up and up in the world of horology. But, even the greatest aficionados tend to miss Armand Nicolet, and that’s a gross oversight once you learn just how special this boutique watch brand is.

Their story begins in 1875, when Armand Nicolet first opens their doors in Tramelan, Switzerland. In the decades that follow, this family-run boutique would continue to innovate and bring a rare and unmistakable passion to horology. This legacy continues today, and is especially demonstrated in their OHM collection, where rehabilitated vintage mechanical movements breathe new life into classic, albeit contemporary, cases.

The J09 chronograph uses a heavily customized automatic movement, nestled lovingly into a tasteful 41mm 316L stainless case.

On the wrist, the J09 is whimsical and elegant; an example of purposeful restraint, where subtle details and precision craftsmanship – and make no mistake, each piece is handmade by a master watchmaker – allow the mechanical beauty of the J09 to shine through. Of course, this is demonstrated literally in the exhibition caseback, which showcases the beautifully engraved house-customized movement.

Even if you can afford to spend ten-times what the J09 is worth, I promise you that the J09 is a worthy consideration. Rare, purposeful, and representing the best of what horology has to offer in 2017 and beyond, the J09 is the timepiece for the dad that appreciates the value of time.

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