Ticwatch 2 – Charcoal Smart Watch for iOS and Android Devices Review

Ticwatch 2 - Charcoal Smart Watch for iOS and Android Devices
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Review Summary:

A budget smartwatch that doesn't compromise on specs and performance.

It’s so damn hard to find a complete smartwatch on a budget but that was before the Ticwatch 2 by Mobvoi was introduced. Simply put, the Ticwatch 2 is what you call the budget king of smartwatches inside and out.

This smartwatch features a 400 x 400 OLED display with a whopping 287ppi. As a result, you now have a smartwatch with a vibrant and bright display.  Aside from that, I also like the build of this smartwatch. In fact, this is one of slimmest smartwatches I’ve tried on so far. There’s also a brushed metal bezel which gives the watch a premium look.

What makes the Ticwatch 2 very easy to like are found inside the watch. It comes with built-in GPS, apps (such as Calendar, Health, Dialer, Fitness, Calculator, Timer, Alarm, Music Control, Recorder, Stopwatch and Find My Phone), heart-rate monitor, and smart notifications.

The Ticwatch 2 borrows the same design approach from the Samsung Gear S2. Also, the watch’s OS named TicWear OS looks just like Tizen (Samsung’s very own OS). The similarities are quite evident in the health and fitness features.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a heart-rate monitor built into this watch. And this is not just your ordinary heart-rate monitor either because Mobvoi used the latest generation of sensor used in the Apple Watch into the Ticwatch 2.

The Ticwatch 2 utilizes a cubic user interface which features four easy screen gestures. Swiping to the left will lead you to voice control and swiping to the right leads you the apps list. Swiping in all direction is quite impressive. It’s very responsive and smooth which makes the watch easier to use.

The Ticwatch 2 keeps track of all your notifications; a feature that is dismissed on Android Wear watches and Apple Watch. Your notifications are displayed nicely thanks to the bright and vibrant display. The watch is compatible with Android and iOS phones. The 300mAh battery should be able to give you at least one day of usage in one full charge.

Product Features:

  • Voice Interaction
  • Touch Control
  • Tickle Panel
  • Smart Gestures
  • Smart Notifications
  • Health and Fitness Tracking
  • TicWear OS
  • Magnetic Wireless Charging


  • The display is vibrant and crisp.
  • Budget smartwatch.
  • Unique OS.
  • Sleek and elegant.


  • The notifications are slow to appear on the screen.
  • Voice assistant is a hit and miss.


The Ticwatch 2 is undoubtedly a good smartwatch. It’s an affordable smartwatch that doesn’t compromised on the specs. But it is still far from perfect though like some of the parts of the apps and the watch itself is not entirely in English. But if is that is okay for you, the Ticwatch 2 should be a good choice especially with its budget price.


A budget smartwatch that doesn't compromise on specs and performance.

Editor rating

Rated 4 stars

User rating

Rated 0 stars

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