Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Leather Collection watch #1780068 Review

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Leather Collection watch #1780068
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Review Summary:

A combination of leather and stainless steel, this Tommy Hilfiger women’s watch is a gorgeous mix of sophistication and affordable luxury.


  • We all know the quality that Tommy Hilfiger watches have. Well, this one isn’t any downgrade from their quality made watches, and made even better with a unique design.
  • The face of the watch is white, contrasted with silver hands. There’s also a Tommy Hilfiger logo at the 12 o’clock position, ensuring you that this isn’t any knock-off but a true Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Leather Collection watch.
  • The strap is made of stainless steel, but the front is a mix of red and navy blue leather stitched into the stainless steel of the watch. Now that’s something you don’t see very often now, right?
  • What makes this watch unique is the fact that the straps make an “H”, with the face of the watch making up the horizontal line of the “H”. How’s that for a unique Tommy Hilfiger design?
  • The watch has a modern silhouette. It’s a fairly boxy design, which has a nautical feel to it. This Tommy Hilfiger watch is perfect for pairing up with white shorts or pants, boyfriend polos, and comfy sneakers. But of course, you can also wear it at work and even for after work cocktails.
  • It’s also a very sporty watch. Although outside, it’s leather, you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it at any sport activities. The stainless steel won’t feel uncomfortable when you’re sweating trust me.
  • This watch is perfect for small wrists. Because of the details, it will accentuate your small, candelabra-like wrist.


  • It’s definitely not for a formal dinner. It’s a sporty and casual watch that’s more suitable for everyday wear.
  • This watch is not water-resistant nor is it shock-proof, so be careful wearing it every day.
  • It might be a challenge wearing this watch while you’re rushing to beat morning hour traffic. The buckle straps are twice the effort (literally). So yeah, rule out this watch when you’re running late for everything. Yes, you heard me right, everything.
  • This Tommy Hilfiger watch has no seconds hand. Not a bright idea to use this to time short activities, like holding your breath. Yep, because you know, you might be into things like that.
  • The face itself is small, and there are no indicators of where the numbers should be. It’s a little tough to tell the time. in my opinion, this watch is more of a fashion accessory than a timepiece.
  • The stitching on the leather may look a little tacky. Because the stitching is white, it will definitely be obvious if there’s an irregular gap between the stitching, or if one line is a little slanted than the others. Well, if you’re obsessive compulsive like me, or if you’re just a woman who likes paying attention to detail, this irregularity may tick you off.

A combination of leather and stainless steel, this Tommy Hilfiger women’s watch is a gorgeous mix of sophistication and affordable luxury.

Editor rating

Rated 5 stars

User rating

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