Top 10 Smartwatches For Seniors That Are Easy To Use

Le Top 10 Des Meilleures Smartwatches Pour Les Seniors


Best Watches for Seniors

You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re a senior or want to buy a watch for a senior, such as your father or a close family.

If you’ve done any research into the senior watches now on the market, you’ve probably discovered that there are countless variations of watches available.

This might make selecting alarm clocks for elderly people challenging and intimidating.

Where do you even begin?

The good news is that there are watches to suit every choice and style. Whether you’re searching for a watch with a medical alert feature, a watch with good legibility, an exquisite and trendy watch, or anything in between.

However, legibility is typically the most crucial aspect of a senior watch.

With aging comes a tendency for vision to deteriorate, making it occasionally challenging to read the time on a watch unless the markers are large and the watch has high contrast.

Watches with good legibility and medical alert features are the two watch styles that seniors prefer most (or both).

Before we get into the specifics of how to choose a watch for a senior and the factors you should take into account, let’s have a look at the most popular watch options.

Senior Watches That Are Best

The best and most well-liked watches for seniors are listed here. All watch types and design variations fall under this category.

You should be able to select a watch that meets your demands and preferences, whether you need a medical alert watch or just one with good legibility.

1. Senior Smart Watch with Dual Way Call, SOS, Anti-Lost, GPS Tracking, and Remote Monitoring

This senior watch has medical alerts and a ton of other helpful and significant features.

First and foremost, it has GPS+LBS+wifi positioning technology, which enables continuous tracking of the wearer’s whereabouts.

The watch also offers several call modes and an SOS feature for emergencies.

The wearer can quickly and conveniently dial someone, like a relative, by pressing a button. It has a two-way call function for this.

It contains an electrical fence, allowing you to specify a predetermined region where the individual must remain. It will alert if the person leaves this region.

It also has history tracking so you can see where they’ve been. Additional features include the ability to remotely monitor, track sleep patterns, set an SMS alarm message reminder, and much more.

All things considered, it is a fantastic watch for seniors.


  • Tracking placement with GPS, lBS, and WiFi
  • Ways to dial for emergencies
  • SOS distress signal
  • Mutual call
  • Help needed immediately
  • A Digital Fence
  • Historical analysis
  • SMS text message alert
  • Time on alert: 160 hours

2. TICCI Alarm Watch with Vibration

The Ticci watch is an alarm-equipped timepiece that is ideal for seniors and older individuals.

Since it is a digital watch, an LCD display is available.

The screen displays a variety of information on a large, easy-to-read surface.

Additionally, it boasts a powerful backlight for better visibility in dimly lit areas.

The watch has eight powerful vibrating alarms that are designed specifically for hearing impairment.

Depending on your setup, the vibrating alarms may sound 8 beeps and 8 vibrations, 8 beeps, or just 8 vibrations.

The watch has a 50-meter water resistance. The fact that it has a lockout feature to prevent modifications to the settings.

For instance if the user knocks into items, may be the feature that is most significant.


  • Simple to read
  • 8 alarms that vibrate
  • Extreme backlight
  • 50-meter resistivity to water

3. Eight-Alarm Cadex VibraPlus Sport Watch

The Cadex VibraPlus watch has eight alarms that may be set to repeat daily. It can beep, vibrate, or do both.

The beeps are audible loud and clear even to those with weak hearing because they are 55 dB in volume.

A countdown timer from 15 to 24 hours is also included. The lock feature stops unintentional button presses and watch adjustments.


  • Lockout function
  • 8 snares
  • Alarm sounds loudly

4. Personal Alarm Watch With Wireless Wrist Pager For Caregivers

Because it has an SOS button for emergencies, this watch is excellent for elders.

The button, which can be installed or worn around the neck to summon help when needed, connects with the watch.

Keep in mind that this watch is only appropriate for nearby or in the same building caretakers or others of a similar nature.

In a wide open space, the range can reach 500 feet.

Since the button (and person) must be nearby in order to trigger an alarm, it is inappropriate for people who live alone.


  • Includes two alarm buttons.
  • 500-foot radius

5. TICCI 8 Watch with Vibrating Alarms

The Ticci is a tough timepiece designed for senior citizens. It is a digital watch with a sizable LCD screen that is easily readable.

It is comparable to the watch we mentioned above, but not exactly the same.

The watch has eight alarms and powerful vibrations. Three different options let you choose between vibrations, beeps, or both.

The alarms are intended to serve as reminders, such as to complete a chore or take medication.

You can configure the alarms to automatically repeat every day.

The super backlight enhances legibility in dimly lit areas.

The watch also has a countdown timer with a large countdown period that ranges from 15 to 24 hours.

The watch has a 30-meter water resistance rating.

Finally, it contains a lockout option to stop objects from accidentally changing settings.


  • Excellent legibility
  • Super backlight for better visibility in dim lighting
  • 8 alarms that beep and vibrate
  • Resistant to 30 meters of water
  • Lockout function

6. Easy Read Speidel Dial

This watch prioritizes legibility above being jam-packed with numerous features.

The watch has a 38mm case diameter with a 12- and 24-hour dial.

For the best contrast and easy time reading, it includes huge numerals and a white dial.

For maximum legibility, it has a quartz movement and a red-contrast seconds hand.

It is displayed on a smooth, comfy silicone strap that is very simple to clean.

This watch is 30 meters water resistant.

This is a perfect choice if you simply want a straightforward, tidy, long-lasting timepiece with excellent legibility for everyday wear.


  • Water-repellency: 30 meters/99 feet
  • Excellent legibility
  • Clean silicone is comfortable

7. Seniors’ English Talking Watch with Alarm

This ingenious watch is designed exclusively for older citizens, and because of its smaller size, it is designed for women.

The watch features excellent readability and a talking feature.

It is an analog talking watch that is perfect for people who are blind or have low vision.

Large black numerals and black hands contrast with the white face on the watch.

Pushing the button activates the talking function, which has the watch read the time in a male voice if you don’t want to read the time.

The talking watch provides alarm, day, date, and time information.

It contains a mineral crystal that is scratch-resistant and anti-reflective on top of the case.

It is shown on a non-adjustable stainless steel flex expansion bracelet for comfort.

If you simply want a wristwatch that makes it simple to always know the time, this is a terrific choice.


  • Flex steel bracelet that is comfortable
  • Mineral crystal with reduced reflection
  • Talking ability
  • Excellent legibility

8. 38 mm Watch, Timex Easy Reader Date Expansion

The Timex Easy reader is, as its name implies, a watch designed to make it simple to read the time. For the best possible contrast with the dial, it sports a 38mm brass case with a mineral crystal on top and black hands.

It has a date window at three o’clock.

Additionally, Timex has added their Indiglo light-up technology, which illuminates the dial and enhances legibility in dimly lit areas.

A nice feature for a senior’s watch is that it is presented on a stainless steel expansion band that enhances comfort and does not require adjustment.

This watch is 30m water resistant (100ft).

Overall, it’s a fantastic watch with excellent legibility, but it lacks a number of technical capabilities found in some other digital watches.

So your needs and preferences will determine if you choose to use it.


  • Dial with Indiglo lighting
  • Excellent legibility
  • Case 38 mm
  • Date range

9. Easy Reader Day-Date Band Watch by Timex

This Timex watch is designed for seniors who desire a stylish timepiece with excellent legibility.

It sports a dial with large, easy-to-read numbers that displays both 24 and 12 hour time.

It contains a day and date function at three o’clock, which is useful.

It makes use of Timex’s Indiglo Night-Light feature, which is convenient to have for better visibility in the dark. The watch has a 30m depth of water resistance.


  • 30 meter water-resistance
  • Excellent legibility
  • Day and date capabilities
  • Indiglo Night-Light to help with better visibility

10. Watch Apple

The Apple Timepiece should not be underrated as a watch for older people. Of course, having an iPhone is a must for this, and obviously, not all senior folks do.

The Apple Watch is loaded with features that are beneficial to seniors.

Despite not being designed primarily as a medical watch or a watch for elders, it offers many features that may be useful.

For instance, using the Apple Watch makes it simple to get in touch with family members or carers. This is especially crucial in an emergency.

Your current location can also be sent to emergency services using the Apple Watch.

When tapped, the Apple Watch displays your Medical ID badge on the screen, which can be quite significant and is another fantastic function.

Additionally, it has a ton of apps and features for tracking fitness, steps, and other aspects of health.

In the event of an emergency, the built-in ECG app may also offer an electrocardiogram.

Which can be extremely helpful to family members and emergency responders.

Even though using an Apple Watch involves some knowledge or at the very least training, not everyone can.

But seniors who can learn how to use one may find it to be quite important and useful.


  • Easy to read time scales
  • Phone and answer calls
  • Measure heart rate
  • Fitness monitoring
  • Health ID badge
  • Send the address
  • Fitness monitoring
  • An ECG app
  • The Blood oxygen level

Watches with good legibility for elders

The most typical watch for elders is one that is easy to see, however obviously needs vary from person to person.

As the name implies, these timepieces are made specifically to be legible and simple to read.

The contrast between the hands and the watch dial on many modern watches makes them difficult to read.

On the other hand, legibility-focused timepieces typically have large watch hands, contrasting dial colors, and prominent markings.

A watch with good visibility may be necessary to swiftly and easily tell the time because as we age, our vision starts to deteriorate.

Seniors who are still mentally sharp but only have slightly worsened eyesight are typically best suited for watches with good legibility.

Although they make it simpler to read the time, people with dementia or very poor vision should not use them.

Watches with medical alerts for elders

Seniors may find it useful to have watches with medical alerts because they are a little more sophisticated and offer a variety of useful features.

Alarms are typically included in this.

The functions of medical timepieces also differ greatly.

Some watches contain emergency response alarms, while others have alarm features that allow you to send an alarm to someone else, such a relative.

This might definitely give you piece of mind if you want to allow your relative to alert you if something happens.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that can typically be found on senior watches with medical alerts.

GPS coordinates

These watches frequently have GPS position tracking.

Of course, it sounds just like this. Relatives, for instance, can track the wearer’s location thanks to this feature.

Additionally, it is simple to locate the individual in question in case of an emergency.

Using voice

The fact that these watches typically include a two-way voice is another fantastic feature.

This implies that not only can the person wearing it speak through it, but so can the person receiving the message.

In this manner, both the senior and the person on the other end of the line, such as emergency services or a relative, can comprehend the situation and receive the proper support.

Emergency action

Emergency response capabilities are frequently included into watches with medical alarms, enabling the wearer to quickly summon assistance when necessary.

Many individuals find this aspect to be really valuable, and it can also be incredibly valuable for the wearer and bring great peace of mind.

Detecting falls

Another aspect that may be crucial is fall detection. When someone falls, the fall detection system recognizes it and immediately sends an alert.

Depending on the watch’s settings, the alert may go to a number of different people.

This is crucial because it enables the individual to receive support and assistance as soon as feasible.

What kind of watch is necessary for a senior?

Since the term “senior” is so wide, it’s crucial to emphasize that various seniors have distinct needs.

Some elderly people desire a watch that is a little bit simpler to use, even though they have superb vision and can take care of themselves well.

Others may place the highest value on talking capabilities and alarm features.

For instance, a patient with dementia may require a digital watch with just one button, no other features besides the time, and possibly huge numerals.

If there are any extra buttons, it’s likely that the dementia sufferer may press them, triggering stress-inducing alerts.

Additionally, with watches with numerous features, adjusting the time can be challenging.

Many senior citizens desire simplicity. They are not searching for additional features like alarms, calendars, or other time-related information.

One of our readers made an excellent observation:

“A watch that performs more is not necessary. A less functional digital watch is what we need.”

With that in mind, here is a digital watch that we recommend that prioritizes simplicity and is as straightforward and minimalistic as possible.

Easy to use Atomic Talking Watch for Seniors

The simplicity and intuitiveness of this watch make it ideal for senior people, especially those with dementia.

The talking watch’s time and calendar are automatically adjusted by the radio atomic clock signal to make things simpler.

Additionally, while the time is shown on the LCD screen of the watch, pressing the large button on the front of the device activates the talking feature.

Which causes the watch to announce the time, date, day, month, and year as well as the status of the alarm and signal reception in a loud, clear male voice.

It has easy-to-read LCD numerals for times when you don’t wish to use the talking feature.

Elderly watches: A buyer’s guide

As was previously mentioned, different people have different demands, and as a result, the watch they should select can vary greatly.

Let’s examine the most crucial factors you should think about while selecting a watch for senior people.


As you can see from the information above, timepieces for the elderly can have a wide range of features and functions.

Alarm, GPS, fall detection, voice function, and many other features.

So, to assist you limit down your choices, consider which functions are essential and absolutely important for the wearer.

Furthermore, a lot of senior folks prefer simplicity and don’t need features like a calendar function or a world timer, for example.

Many elderly folks only want their watches to display the time.

Showing the time

We refer to the way a watch shows the time as the “time display.”

As you can see, there are watches with clear writing, talking watches, digital watches, and other types of timepieces.

It might be sufficient to simply look for a watch with good legibility if it’s just an elderly person with poor vision.

However, if the patient has dementia, they would obviously have entirely different needs, and in this case, simplicity will be crucial.

The time display should always be the first thing you glance at because it is the most crucial component of any watch.

Do you require a talking, braille, digital, analog, or any other type of watch?

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