Best Pedometer Watches

Top 6 Most Reliable and Affordable Pedometer Watches (Inclusive of Heart Rate Monitor)

Competition is what makes us faster and you need to stay dedicated to be one of the best in the field. Whether that is applying new training techniques, or adapting new technologies, you must be malleable to stay on top.

Gracious Watch not only values watches, but also fitness and health as well. We strive for everyone to challenge themselves, both physically and mentally, and here are some tools that may help you achieve that.

Pedometers are great way to find out if you’re pushing yourself or just coasting. Here are some examples that may work in your favor.

Reliable and Affordable Pedometer Watches

Best Pedometer Watches Rated & Reviewed

Tech4o Pro Trainer Plus Sport Fitness – Watch

Tech4o Pro Trainer Plus Sport Fitness Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

The Tech4o/Silva Accelerator Men’s Watch is a casual and stylish running wristwatch with built-in accelerometer for measuring speed.

This practical and convenient timepiece maintains a highly accurate measurement of the wearer’s speed, distance and burned calories. It comes with an adjustable step counter to adapt to your running style, stride, terrain and loaded pack weight. This pedometer watch has a built in stopwatch, countdown timer and daily alarm.

The simple yet powerful wristwatch also features a smart scheduling function which allows the wearer to adjust the pedometer to automatically start or stop counting steps at a specified time.

With its advanced accelerometer features and lightweight construction, this timepiece is perfect for passionate runners and fitness buffs.

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Timex Unisex Easy Trainer Analog

Timex Unisex Easy Trainer Analog Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

Specifically designed as a personal heart rate monitor, the Timex Mid-Size T5G941 Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch is an affordable digital wristwatch with practical features.

This Timex watch comes in a sporty and casual design to match your casual wears. Given its accuracy and precision, this timepiece can recall activity time and monitor average, maximum and minimum heart rate. It also features an elastic chest band which transmits heart EKG to the wristwatch.

With its automatic activity timer, the watch can accurately monitor the duration of your work-out activities. The large and easily readable digital display comes with an INDIGLO backlight.

Overall, this reasonably priced Timex heart monitor watch is perfect for those who are undertaking basic training on heart rate monitoring.

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Casio Men’s SGW100B-3V Digital Compass Twin-Sensor Sport Watch

Casio Men’s SGW100B-3V Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

The Casio Men’s SGW200-1VCF Pedometer Resin Strap Watch is a sporty and manly casual watch perfect for runners and sports enthusiasts.

It features a built-in pedometer to measure distance, energy consumption, average pace and number of steps.

This Casio watch also comes with stopwatch, countdown timer, five daily alarms, calendar and a backlight display with afterglow technology. With its stylish and versatile design, this watch is not only suitable for running and sports activities, it can also complement your office attires and casual wears.

The exciting combination of brushed silver-tone metal bezel, black resin case, and raised resin buttons is very attractive.

Thus, this Casio pedometer watch is definitely a great buy given its affordable price, trendy design and practical features.

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Nike+ Fuelband SE, Small, Black/Volt(Green)

Nike+ Fuelband SE Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

With its slim and lightweight construction, the Nike+ SportBand (Fireberry/Black) is a vibrant and cute watch perfect for outdoor running adventures.

This small yet powerful timepiece can accurately track distance, pace, time and calories burned. The watch’s memory can record and keep up to 30 hours of running data. This sports watch is built with a durable polycarbonate case.

It also comes with a removable Nike+ Link for speedy connection to With its eye-catching design and practical features, you cannot find a better sports watch in this price range.

Thus, if you are looking for a trendy and high quality running accessory, this Nike watch can provide an excellent value for a low price.

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LifeTrak Move C300 24-hour Heart Rate Watch, Black/Woodland Green

LifeTrak Move C300 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

The New Balance Life Trainer Calorie Monitor is a casual and modish pedometer watch with handy features.

Designed with a vibrant reversible rubber band, this unique accessory can flawlessly complement your casual and sports attires. This timepiece can calculate your estimated burned calories by utilizing an advanced 24 hour calorie burn formula.

The Life Trainer has a seven day graphic memory to allow the users to evaluate their daily calorie burn, number of steps and total distance.

With its convenient features, the setting-up of configurations is not required since it automatically resets at midnight. For accurate step readings, this sports watch comes with three sensitivity levels.

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Sportline 1060 Women’S Solo Heart Rate Monitor

Sportline 1060 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

With its versatile design and dynamic features, the Sportline Duo 1060 Heart Rate Monitor Watch with d Chest Belt is truly remarkable.

You will never have a hard time monitoring your vital signs while wearing this superbly crafted watch and chest belt.

This sports watch comes with ECG-accurate readings, stopwatch and calories burned tracker. While running, you can also monitor your speed and performance.

Through the workout memory, the timepiece can keep records on your progress. With its 24 hour burned calories tracker and heart rate recovery timer, you will surely stay on shape with this Sportline watch.

Thus, if you are looking for a trendy and high quality accessory, this watch can provide an excellent value for a low price.

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