Top 7 Military Army Watches, Under $350

Best Military Watches (Army)

If you’re in the market for a military style watch, you’re looking for a watch that’s rugged, dependable and can take a beating.

Additionally it needs to have high functionality, and look good while training, or while wearing day-to-day.

We’ve featured the most affordable aviator watches, as well as the most powerful Casio G-shock watches, but the Top 7 Military Army Watches combine all of these functions and won’t break the bank.

Best Military Army Watches

Top Military Watches Reviewed & Ranked

Casio Men’s GWA1000-1A G-Aviation

Casio Men’s GWA1000-1A G Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This edgy and modern looking timepiece is the Casio Men’s GWA1000-1A G-Aviation.

It has a special Smart Access feature that provides simple, intuitive access to vital information no matter where your adventures take you. It also comes with an electronic crown operation that let you instantly change the city setting, switch between home time and world time city, or access Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

This is perfect for those of you who are just on the go, and who want to avoid the hassle of adjusting to different time zones. Another important feature is the innovative quick-lock mechanism that supports both reliable locking and easy release.

It also comes with a thermometer, countdown timer, hands that have independent motors, solar power, and MB6 Atomic Timekeeping. This watch will surely be any guy’s best friend.

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Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch- Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

The Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch is a modern looking military watch that has exquisite functions.

It comes with a multiple date and alarm feature, countdown timer, barometer with storm alarm and weather trend indicator, altitude log memory and difference measurement, compass with semi-automatic calibration and a digital bearing.

The textured bezel and yellow green inner rim adds a bit of style to this smart watch. This timepiece is looks more modern and simple than others of its similar kind, perfect for those who prefer less chunky looking watches.

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Luminox Recon Point Man 45mm Watch 8822.MI

Luminox Recon Point Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

One important feature of this timepiece is the sapphire crystal which is non-reflective and nearly impossible to scratch, thus, you’ll be able to see it clearly no matter what the circumstances or abuse you put it through.

It also comes with the brilliant walking Tachymeter function, ideal for those who want to calculate speed and distance quickly. Unlike other similar timepieces, this weighs much lighter but it’s certainly not fragile.

It also features a Tritium lighting which provides ease in reading in the dark. This edgy, modern, and all black timepiece can also be sported every day.

Indeed, the Luminox Recon Point Man 45mm Watch 8822.MI is a timepiece that you should consider for yourself.

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Suunto Vector Wristtop Computer

Casio AQ-S810W-1AV Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

If you’re looking for a basic and simple military watch, then the Suunto Vector Wristop Computer is perfect for you.

The compass bearing is in degrees with 3-degree accuracy, north-south arrow, bearing tracking, declination adjustment, and on-display instructions for calibration. It has a very dependable altimeter for navigation when you can’t see a point to take a bearing or you are below the treeline.

Meanwhile, the barometer holds four days of records and can be used for fairly accurate trending and some basic weather forecasting. It also features temperature displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit, electro-luminescent backlight, three daily alarms, stopwatch, and timer.

The all black ensemble is also perfect for on the go individuals. Surely, this timepiece is a great purchase.

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MARATHON WW194013 Swiss Made Military Navigator Watch

MARATHON WW194013 Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

This sturdy and dependable timepiece is especially built for military and law enforcement personnel, as well as high altitude use.

Included among its many features is the chronometer’s luminous tritium tube dials and white number markings that are almost always visible. Written in white on a black face, the numbers are easy to read, even in most low-light settings.

Moreover, the high-torque quartz movement and compliance with military regulations make this timepiece hard to beat. It’s a classic all black timepiece that looks handsome and functions outstandingly. It can be worn by civilians as well on a casual day or during special sporty activities.

It can be said that this timepiece has loads to offer. The MARATHON WW194013 Swiss Made Military Navigator Watch is undeniably an item that you’ll get your money’s worth.

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Traser Tactical Mission Watch P6600.41F.1Y.01

Traser Tactical Mission Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

The Traser Tactical Mission Watch P6600.41F.1Y.01 is a straight up thing of beauty and smooth craftsmanship.

Both design and functionality hits the jackpot. This military watch features a steel black PVD-coated bidirectional rotating bezel that has a trigalight, case that has a steel inner container and carbon fiber on the outer, and only weighs 80g.

The highlight of this timepiece is of course the red and blue illumination, which highly ideal and efficient in dark places.

The simplicity of this military watch does not compensate the overall quality of this timepiece. Get a hold of this watch now and see the difference.

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Wenger Men’s 70434 LED Nomad Compass Patagonian Expedition Race Watch

Wenger Men’s 70434 LED Nomad Review | Customer Reviews | Check Prices

The modern and simple design of this military watch is pleasant on the eyes and highly wearable of regular days. However, we also have to take notice its brilliant craftsmanship.

It has a black ion plated steel case, black dial and rubber strap, Swiss quartz chronograph featuring tachymeter, and high visibility hands in contrasting white. It also features a logo at 12 o’clock, stainless steel tachymeter bezel and case, rubber strap with buckle, shock-resistance, water resistance up to 330 feet, chronograph sub-dials, date window, and sweeping second hand.

This timepiece is straight to the point and efficient, that’s why it is definitely a great purchase. The Wenger Men’s Commando Patagonian Expedition Race Watch 70890 is definitely a must have for active individuals.

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