Triwa’s Ocean Nevil

Triwa’s Ocean Nevil Reviewed

Ladies and Gents, if you haven’t heard of TRIWA, you’ve been missing out on the watch industry’s rule breaker. Typically we expect most luxury watch brands to come shipped from, manufactured in, and basically born in Switzerland.

Triwa is not the case. This Swedish company hails out of Stockholm, fusing a local sense of art and design not uncommon to the Swedish community.

Take a look at the Tunnelbana (their almost Alice In Wonderland-like metro system), the Nobel Museum, and any number of pop-up boutiques hosting the latest innovations in fashion, design and tech.

Triwa is no different, marrying traditional design sense with fashion-forward chic. Its latest addition to the fall look book is its Ocean Nevil watch.

Daringly unisex, it still speaks more manly than androgynous. It has a robust stainless steel bezel with a rusty auburn color scheme burning into the band. Lightweight and average sized at about 45 mm, it is the kind of watch you can sport with your shirt sleeves rolled up when you’re uncorking a bottle of wine or cufflinks sparkling on your button-down and suit.

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The Triwa Ocean Nevil. Photo courtesy of Triwa.

There is no bling here on this watch. No gold plated wristbands either. This one is simply understated but remarkably chic and durable. It’s the watch you wear with everything. You have three dial faces, the primary one with an orange second hand and a secondary dial showing seconds. It’s fascinatingly sweet how the Swedes have come in discretely with this one right under our noses. But it won’t be hush, hush for long.

And as for the basic bells and whistles, the Ocean Nevil is water-resistant up to 10 ATM, comes in a stainless steel case, and retails for $295 dollars on Amazon. Follow Triwa on Instagram at