5 Up & Coming Watch Brands

5 Up & Coming Watch Brands

5 Up & Coming Watch Brands

Starting a watch company is tricky business. With conglomerates existing today, you really have to stand out from the crowd to be noticed. Whether it’s through effective social media presence, quality craftsmanship at a competitive price, or just through dedicated fans spreading positive vibes through word of mouth, there are many ways to be beat the giants with huge advertising budgets.

Especially with the power of the internet, there are ways to at least hang out with the ‘big boys’. We here at Gracious Watch recognize and nurture potential when we see it, and here are some brands that needs your attention.

  • Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington

The brand came to be when Filip Tysander (the brands founder) met an impeccably dressed British man called Daniel Wellington whilst travelling the world. It has become well known for its use of the ‘preppy’ look, combining NATO striped watch straps with simplistic, plain watch faces to give a much dressier, smarter feel to the watches.

Daniel Wellington St.Andrews 0106DW Full Review

  • Orient


Whilst Orient aren’t strictly a new brand (the company was first created in Tokyo in 1951), they are still classed as being new kids on the block as it became a subsidiary of Seiko in 2001 and that is when they started to be seen around the world. Their specialism comes with engineering, they produce self-winding, radio-controlled, self-winding and light-powered (solar) watches.

Best Orient Watches for Men

  • Triwa


Triwa were founded in 2007 by four friends, they are still based in central Stockholm, Sweden as they have been from the start. Their aim is to bring contemporary Swedish design, and curated materials together to create a style of watch that transcends class and money. Their watches are so nicely designed that they could have cost £50 or £5,000.

Visit Triwa Official Website

  • Shinola


At the heart of Shinola is manufacturing and design. Not only do they design and manufacture some beautiful watches but they also create bicycles and leather items at their factory in Detroit. Detroit is at the heart of the company, the whole point in it is to bring manufacturing (and some soul) back to an otherwise ravaged (and former industrial giant) American city. They really create watches with soul.

Visit Shinola Official Website

  • MVMT


The brand name is actually pronounced “movement” and comes from a company that openly accept they are just interested in making good quality ‘fashion watches’, something that a lot of watch manufacturers try and steer away from in case the watch community decides to turn on them. Most people however are just after a good looking watch that will match what they are wearing, if you are looking for that then take a look at MVMT.

Visit MVMT official website

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