VEJRHØJ Press Release on Gracious Watch

VEJRHØJ Press Release on Gracious Watch

November 8, 2015:

The renowned designer Bo Bonfils, who greatly impacted Nordic design during the 80’s and 90’s, is back with a classic collection of watches in wood and steel. This time in collaboration with a young Danish start-up, that rang on his door last summer and presented a promising idea.

The designer Bo Bonfils, known for his Georg Jensen watches as well as his iconic stamps and posters, is once again inviting Nordic design to dance. After designing his last watch for Georg Jensen back in 2005, he now enters into a new collaboration with the Danish start-up VEJRHØJ, founded by the young entrepreneur Janus Aarup.

Wood and steel in a simple design
By combining wood and steel with a distinctive maritime touch, the VEJRHØJ NAUTIC collection provides a promising take on classic watch design.

“The VEJRHØJ NAUTIC collection is a new approach to classic watch design that combines hardwood, stainless steel and a Swiss made movement. Quality and aesthetics are combined with the raw materials of nature without compromising on the simplicity and elegance that characterize Nordic design,” Janus Aarup, founder of VEJRHØJ, explains.

Read the full interview with Janus Aarup

Passion for design and the desire to create brought two generations together
The first meeting between the 29 year old Janus and 74 year old Bo Bonfils took place in an untraditional manner, as Janus rode his bike to the former Georg Jensen designer’s summer house in Nordstrand, Denmark, and rang on his door. At first, Bonfils was sceptic about the young entrepreneur, but after Janus had introduced his idea about a watch made of wood and steel in a simple design, Bonfils was convinced.

“I had no doubt that it would work and be an admirable design. Bo has got the edge that we want to express with our watches. We share an attention for details and a passion for design, which has created an amazing and inspiring collaboration, but foremost a friendship,” Janus explains.

The collection becomes reality with crowdfunding
The VEJRHØJ NAUTIC collection can be pre-ordered at half the price through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter from October 29. VEJRHØJ uses crowdfunding to be able to realize the collection on their own.

About  VEJRHØJ    

VEJRHØJ is a Danish start-up, founded in 2013 by the young entrepreneur Janus Aarup. The company design and craft watches out of wood and steel, anchored in Nordic design. The first VEJRHØJ collection can be found in 40 stores across Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Spain.

The new collection VEJRHØJ NAUTIC is created in collaboration with the renowned designer Bo Bonfils. The collection combine wood, stainless steel, a Swiss made movement and sapphire glass. The collection can be pre-ordered at 50% discount through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter from Oct. 29 to Nov. 30.

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