Watch Photography Tips & Tutorials

Watch Photography Tips & Tutorials by Gracious Watch

Watch Photography Tips & Tutorials by Gracious Watch

Watch photography is a skill, thus it can be learned. You don’t need to worry and feel down if you stink at taking watch photos because watch photographers used to be in that position. Photographers who mastered watch photography have been through a long time of learning and practicing. They attest that the key to succeeding in watch photography is experience. And with the help of this book, you will be guided with the basic tips and facts that will keep you through your watch photography journey.

Whether you are a watch enthusiast or just fond of collecting timepieces, this book will be of huge contribution to you. You will discover the right equipment, the right angles, as well as the appropriate behavior to produce stunning photos of watches. Back then, watch photography is under a very vague topic of photography as a whole. Now that watch photo taking has become a trend, many are struggling starting in this field. This is true whether you are starting your career or just fulfilling your hobby.

I myself struggled in succeeding in watch photography. I started out a few years ago and I wasn’t very confident in what I was doing. I started to research but didn’t really find exactly what I was looking for. Most photography books don’t really go deep into watch photography. Photography books will only tackle a very few aspects on how to take watch photos properly. In this book, you will discover techniques on how to produce catchy pictures of timepieces that will suit your concept in mind.

Why is this book useful? I’m sure most of you have this question in mind. First, as mentioned previously, photography guides do not focus in this area. Those books only teaches you how to deal with tiny subjects such as insects which is not entirely applicable in watch photo taking because first of all, watches have shiny and reflective bracelet and case. This specific issue is not addressed in macro photography lessons. Secondly, the camera settings and lightings should be dealt with differently in watch photography. As well as the software used in editing the pictures will be discussed in this book.

This book aims to walk through those who are not very experienced in photography and wishes to explore watch photo taking. This will go into the specifics of watch photography and will give you tips on how to improve your photo taking skills. Those who have advanced understanding in photography will further develop their expertise with the help of this guide.

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