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Finding the right watch should not be a random decision. It’s important to give it careful thought and a thorough evaluation of the options. Also, it’s important to only look at legitimate and reliable reviews if you are to use reviews or “expert opinions” to guide you in making a choice. You can’t just do a search on Google or other search engines and click on any of the links you find on the first page of the search results. You also have to learn to evaluate which ones can offer credible assessments or insights.

This review section presents some of the leading watch brands you should include in your list of choices. The reviews for a number of top brands featured here have been prepared with a great deal of prudence to ensure that you are getting an impartial guide on which watches to get. The reviews featured here are not limited to the best Swiss watches on the market. There are no restrictions on brands, region, and popularity. As much as possible, all available watches are considered as long as they are not being limitedly distributed.

Presented here are reviews for some of the best watch brands chosen based on a number of factors. These factors include reliability, build quality, accuracy, ergonomics, style or design, brand reputation, availability, and price. Availability and price are given slightly greater weight in coming up with the list of top brands reviewed here since this review section also aims to present the best watch deals, not just the most popular or highly renowned brands. Of course, the basic factors such as durability, reliability, and build quality are given importance. Accuracy, more so, is considered a fundamental attribute so it would be safe to assume that all the watches reviewed here are accurate unless otherwise noted in the reviews. Furthermore, the cost-to-quality ratio is factored in.



One of the top watch brands that definitely deserve to be considered as one of your options is Nixon. An American brand started in 1997, Nixon is notably focused on the youth lifestyle market. It is being sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. Nixon watches are available in analog and digital types with designs for men and women with Swiss and Japanese movements in quartz and automatic. This Nixon review section seeks to offer useful insights to help you decide whether or not this brand is the right one for you.


According to one of Nixon’s founders, Chad DiNenna, the Nixon brand is something that aims to suit an outdoorsy lifestyle without looking like a watch that a hiker or camper would be wearing. Nixon watches are meant to look sophisticated without appearing like a piece designed for a grandfather. The brand’s name has nothing to do with the former United States president. Andy Laats, the other founder of Nixon, said in one interview that the Nixon name was chosen because “all the other good ones were already chosen.” DiNenna and Laats simply liked how the name Nixon sounded.

Most Nixon reviews you can find online will likely note the variety of design as one of the appealing points in the Nixon brand. Our reviews tend to agree with the praise on design diversity. Nixon watches come with leather, polyurethane, and stainless steel straps and diverse face designs and color combinations. The wide variety of designs reflect an understanding of many watch enthusiasts’ desire to have some freedom in the kind of styles they want to sport. The company even goes on to claim that a Nixon watch can go with almost all kinds of outfit, from a suit to a bathing suit. The diversity of designs available, however, is not just about the aesthetics. They exude style while offering functional charm.

The Nixon watches reviewed here include the different types and kinds available in most markets. These include the models that can be worn up to 300 meters underwater, models with mineral crystal and stainless steel cases as well as those with rotating bezels, pieces with 2, 3, or 6 hand Japanese quartz, watches with 3 hand Swiss movements, and the models with the Nixon patented locking looper and those with double locking clasps.


Undoubtedly a world famous brand, Seiko is considered as one of the world’s most successful and innovative watches. Seiko can be associated with technological innovativeness, design refinement, and an overall quality characteristic of most pioneering Japanese products. It won’t be easy to find Seiko reviews that have a lot of negative things to say about the product.


Seiko has introduced many world firsts, proving its innovative prowess. The world’s first quartz watch was a Seiko. A Seiko was also the first automatic chronograph to be worn in space. The Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk was the first watch created to be worn by an astronaut while doing a space walk. This Japanese brand is also what was etched on the world’s first ever multifunction digital watch. Additionally, Seiko was among the pioneers in the production of the solar-powered watches. This status as a pioneer can be evidenced in the favourable Seiko solar review you can find here or in other review sites.

Seiko’s acclaim also manifests when it comes to accuracy. Virtually all Seiko watches reviewed have proven to be as accurate as an accurate timepiece can get. This accuracy is proven by how Seiko became the official timekeeper for several world sporting events including the summer and winter Olympics, IAAF World Championships, and the FIFA World Cup. Seiko is also appointed as the official timekeeper of the Gran Turismo racing game series and is likewise a sponsor of FC Barcelona.

“Exquisite” is the literal English translation for the Japanese word “Seikō” and it certainly is an apt word for this Japanese watch brand. The attention to details, meticulous processes, and devotion to quality accorded to the production of Seiko watches can justify the apparent claim of exquisiteness.

At present, the competition from other international watches may have forced Seiko to venture into less-than-elegant inexpensive product lines (Alba) but it continues to retain its tradition of excellent quality and style. Seiko offers a great range of watches that cater to varying needs and preferences. Moreover, Seiko’s mechanical watches can be particularly highly sought after by collectors. For a more in-depth look, check out our Seiko watch reviews page here.


Stuhrling is a Greek watch brand that may not be as popular as other European watches but is actually one of the oldest. It dates back to the 1800’s under master watchmaker Max Stuhrling. It did not have a continuous existence, though. It returned to business in 1999 along with a multitude of new watch models many of which are no longer under Max Stuhrling’s influence or guidance.


Stuhrling claims to offer “craftsmanship like no other.” It has watches for men and women characterized by exciting and intricate designs that stand out. The Tourbillon Collection, in particular, comes in stunning designs that showcase excellent craftsmanship and engineering. The intricate watch faces featured in this collection are a head-turner. Based on looks of this collection alone, it’s easy to come up with a very favorable Stuhrling watch.

The regular men’s and women’s collections of Stuhrling, on the other hand, are similarly imposing in looks and appeal. They feature leather, stainless steel, and canvas straps that have been designed to create seamless look while maintaining comfort and durability. To read a more about their most popular watches see all our extended Sturling reviews here.

As mentioned above, with the re-establishment of Stuhrling in 1999 came several new models of watches. These new models can surely attract a great deal of interest from those who are looking to buy their new watches or those who are thinking of getting a replacement. Collectors and experienced watch buyers, however, may not share the same interest in Stuhrling. The brand still has a lot to prove as compared to industry leaders.

Design is perhaps Stuhrling’s best selling factor. Most new watch buyers who stumble upon a Stuhrling would find the design interesting and great for the price range. Likewise, most Stuhrling watch reviews would likely give good marks on the looks. They don’t appear generic or run-of-the-mill like most other cheap watches do. They may not brag build quality or longevity as their main advantages but they are not bad to be labeled “junk” or undesirable just like many mass produced cheap watches. The majority of their product line may not put Stuhrling on the list of best luxury watches but they are not going to spell immediate disappointment.

Swiss Legend

Swiss Legend is among those discount brands that strive to offer reasonable quality for the price. As its official Facebook profile states; the company uses “its progressive business model to deliver stylish, authentic, high quality watches directly to consumers at reasonable prices.”


Affordability and decent quality appear to be their marketing centerpiece. Discerning buyers would consider the brand reasonable but enthusiasts, serious buyers, and collectors may not. The watches might not top everybody’s list based on overall quality and brand reputation but it is not impossible to find good product reviews.

If there’s a major criticism that can be immediately conferred on the brand, it is its dubious branding. It would have been better if it veered away from using the somewhat misleading “Swiss” part in its name. Also, it would have been preferable if it did not use the Swiss white-cross-in-a-red-backdrop branding. The association with the legendary Swiss watch making skills is a hard sell and would tend to discourage buyers who know something about watches.

The watches reviewed on this site are deemed to be representative of the general quality and aesthetics of the company’s product line. Many of these watches can be heavy for their size although the solid feel does compensate for it.

Their official website mentions a commitment to style and distinctiveness that harmoniously balance fashion-forward design and old world watch precision and accuracy. Additionally, their watches are claimed to have been meticulously built to exacting standards demanded to be a Swiss-made watch using high quality Swiss movements. These sound rather overstated but the products are not too bad to be considered undesirable. Our Swiss Legend reviews page gives a more comprehensive look at some of their best watches.

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