Best Watches for Nurses – What to Pick for Medical and Not Only Purpuses

When it comes to wrist watches there are many types available in the market even when choosing the among best watches for nurses. A good wrist watch can really get your personality boosted and it can seriously make you attractive.

Best Watches for Nurses – Comparison Table

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Before we jump on to the actual topic let’s see some common types or styles of wrist watches that are available in the market nowadays.


Best Watches for Nurses

The diver watches have also gained some serious fame in the market due to their wonderful design and overall structure.

The watch was popularized by Jacques Cousteau in his famous movie by the name of Le monde du silence.  The beauty of the diver watch lies in the fact that these watches are water resistant and can sustain the impact of water upto 333 feet.

These watches are equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel. The watch is very popular among the circles of Scuba Divers.

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Large wrist watches

The large sized watches have nowadays become a fashion statement. The size of this watch has become just as essential as its materials, color and style.

The large watches are there for both the genders i.e. male and female.

Luxury Wrist Watches

Piaget Altiplano best dress watch

Nowadays Luxury watches with affordable prices are available in the market for both women and men.

The luxury watches are not only timepieces rather it is a result of art which contains fine movements.

The Swiss made luxury watches are generally famous among the masses

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Mechanical Wrist Watches

Most of the mechanical watches appear in the Baselworld. There are many types of mechanical watches that are available nowadays such as the self-winding automatic mechanical watches, the hand wind watches and much more.


Military Wrist Watches

celebrity watches

Though these kinds of watches have been relatively new in the industry however after their induction in the market they have really become very popular.

The Tactical military watches are good to wear and it gives a unique boost to your overall personalityAn Automatic watch utilizes arm motion for the winding of the mainspring of the watch. This process actually makes the manual winding unnecessary.

Watch winders also possess the ability to wind a watch which is automatic. The Automatic watches till today are the most popular watches among the people and perhaps this is the reason why majority of the watch companies are producing them.

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Chronograph Wrist Watches

The chronograph wrist watches are also very popular among women and men. There are several well-known watch brands that are producing some of the best Chronograph Wrist Watches.

The dials of the chrono watch have a chrono function attached to it, this function actually helps in the better tracing of time and different events.



Daniel Wellington

Fashion watches actually make the statement about the person who wears it. There are several fashion watches available in the market nowadays offered by some of the most popular brands of the world.

The good thing which has happened in recent years is that many brands are nowadays offering affordable fashion watches


Italian Design

The Italian design watches trace their linage from the rich history and fashion forward culture of Italy. These watches are actually designing both the present as well as the future of the watch industry.

The majority of Italian designed watches are equipped with first rate technology.

These watches are also swiss made in majority of the cases.


Best Watches for Nurses

A New Addition: The Nurse Watches

Another kind of watch which is often not discussed that much in circles of watch wearers are the best watches for nurses. These watches are specifically designed for nurses and have their own unique benefits.

The overall uniform of a nurse gives you an impression of practicality and hygiene.  Historically the nurse profession was adopted by women. The uniform of these nurses contained an apron, a dress and a nurse cap. The dress has become universal and every nurse no matter which country he/she belongs to wears this dress.

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After the introduction of wrist watches people regardless of their profession wanted to wear a watch. Not wearing a watch gave a feeling of incompleteness to the person who was used to wearing a watch.

The initial pocket watches allowed the professional nurses to keep their hands dirty as well as busy and to use the watch which would often be hanging from the lapel. However the issue with this timepiece was that during busy work hours, nurses could not watch the time properly as for proper watching, a proper grip on the watch was also necessary.

Some watch companies saw the watch need in the nursing industry and started to produce stylish watches which were both attractive and were compatible for the nurses as well.

Best Watches for Nurses

Just like other watch types there are many companies and brands out their which are producing best watches for nurses. Different nurse watches have something different to offer hence at the end of the day it all depends upon your choice and desire.

For this article we have picked out the 5 best watches for nurses which we think have created an impact in the market particularly among the circles of professional nurses.  The watches have been discussed in the headings below


Speidel Scrub Watch

Speidel Scrub Watch is a not a bad option for professional nurses and doctors out there. Some of the best watches for nurses features and specifications of this watch are as follows

  • The watch has an easy to read dial which is white in color. The dial is equipped with 12-24 hour markers
  • The cleaning of the watch is easy as it is equipped with a Silicone Band
  • The watch is available in several styles and colours such as Black silicone, white leather, blue silicone, teal silicone and silver expansion band
  • The second hand of the watch is red in color which makes taking of accurate pulse reading a reality
  • The watch is available in several sizes and can it into different wrist sizes. The watch is available in size as small as 6.7”169mm and as high as 8.3”210mm
  • The case cover of the watch is made up of stainless steel and is Engravable as well
  • The overall shape of the watch is round
  • The display type of the watch is Analog
  • The case diameter of the watch is 38 millimeters
  • The case thickness of the watch is 8.60
  • The band width of the watch is 18 millimeters



The Timex Group was formed in USA back in the year 1854 and is basically a subsidiary of Timex Group B.V.  Beginning from a clock company the company is today producing some of the most wonderful wrist watches of our time.

Timex Women’s Weekender watch has been primarily designed for professional female Nurses. Since its introduction in the market, the Watch has been an instant hit. Today the watch is available in every store of the world whether weather physical or online. Some unique features and specifications of this watch are as follows

  • The watch is equipped with a strap which is Nylon Slip-Thru in nature
  • It is equipped with a round dial which is white in colour
  • The watch has numerals which are Arabic and are also multicolored
  • It can show military time of 24 hours
  • The case of the watch is 31mm and the color is polished silver
  • An indigo light up watch dial is their
  • The watch is resistant upto 100 feet however it is surely not suitable for swimming and bathing
  • The shape of Timex is round
  • The color of the band is white
  • The material of the bezel is brass
  • The bezel function is stationary
  • The watch is equipped with quartz movement
  • The case material is also brass
  • The display type of Timex is Analog
  • The material of the band is nylon
  • The length of the band is compatible with Women standard


Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil (5229-ST-01659) is a stylish nurse watch for women. Apart from nursing operations the watch is also suitable for different parties and events as well.

There are many specifications and features which make this watch a perfect option for women. However here we will limit ourselves only to major specifications. Some of these specifications are as follows

  • The timepiece has been manufactured in USA
  • The watch falls more into the category of silver tone
  • It has dial which contains Roman numeral indices. The watch is also equipped with an guilloche inner dial and finally the watch also has a mini date window
  • The watch has stainless steel case of 29mm
  • The dial window of the watch is anti-reflective
  • The movement of the watch is swiss quartz
  • The display of the watch is analog
  • It has stainless steel bracelet attached to it as well
  • The watch is water resistant upto 165 feet which means that short recreational swimming is very much possible with the watch
  • It watch is equipped with a double push button safety
  • The band colour of the watch is silver
  • The dial colour of the watch is also silver
  • Just like Timex, the Bezel function of this watch is also stationary


Swatch Women’s GB743

Swatch is a famous watch brand which was established back in the year 1983. The main purpose behind the establishment of the brand was to provide affordable timepieces to the customers.

Swatch also holds the distinction of manufacturing the Swatch Women’s GB743 watch. The watch has been an instant hit among the female circles due to its following qualities and specifications.

  • Best watches for nurses is round in shape and is equipped with a white dial which is very much easy to read
  • It has Arabic hour markers. The watch has a 3 o’ clock date window
  • The case of the watch is made up of plastic and has a dimension of 33 mm
  • The watch has a plastic dial window
  • GB743 is equipped with an Analog Display
  • The watch has plastic band which has a closure buckle
  • It can resist water up to 90 feet however it is not conducive for full time swimming
  • The case thickness is 10 millimeters
  • The band length of the watch is standard
  • The band width of the watch is 17 millimeters
  • The colour of the band is black
  • The function of the bezel is Stationary

Nurses Lapel Watch

This is not a wrist watch rather it is a traditional lapel watch which nurses usually use in their operations. The watch is not that bad as far as time checking is concerned. This type is considered as the best watches for nurses. The watch has the following wonderful features

  • The watch has quartz movement which has a high precision
  • The hands of the watch glow in dark conditions hence it is ideal for night duties and shifts
  • The diameter of the dial face is 28 millimeters
  • The overall length is 87 millimeters


Be careful

Yes, these best watches for nurses may attract you however it is better that you purchase these watches from your local store physically.

Going through online platforms though is feasible and has several advantages attached to it however you need to be very careful in this regard. There have been many cases of fraud from online shopping portals.

If you really want to use an online platform consider using the one which is highly popular and whose credibility is unquestionable.

The Final Word – Best Watches for Nurses

Well, what are you waiting for? These best watch for nurses have been manufactured for you. Each of these watches have different price tags attached with them.

You can purchase them as per your feasibility. The internet is loaded with information about these watches which means that you can search about them more if you wish.