Watches You Can See the Gears – Great Skeleton Watch Review

Watches You Can See the Gears

I’m absolute fan of the watches you can see the gears. Though there are several designs and styles of watches today that have been launched by different watch companies of the world.

Some watches are ideal for luxurious gatherings and there are some that are ideal for casual wear.

In this article we will discuss with you a watch which has a unique style attached to it. And this is a ffine watch brand. The name of this watch is “Tissot Men’s T0704051641100”.

Watches You Can See the Gears

The class of this watch lies in the fact that it has an exposed Gear which means that while the watch is in operation you can see its entire mechanics. Before we jump onto the actual features of this watch let’s learn about the brand first.

The Tissot Brand

Brief highlight

Tissot is basically a swiss watch brand which was founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot in back in the year 1853. The brand holds the distinction of producing the first pocket watch (mass produced).

The brand is also famous for producing a first ever pocket watch that has 2 time zones. Tissot also manufactured the first Antimagnetic watch back in 1930’s.

The company revolutionized the watch industry by becoming the first enterprise which manufactured watches through materials like stone, plastic, wood and pearl.

During the 1930’s Tissot made the critical decision of merging with Omega. The bond resulted well for the company as Tissot-Omega watches have a huge demand today.


Tissot has been the member of the famous Swatch Group Limited since the year 1983. In addition Swatch is considered as the largest watch distributor and manufacturer of the world.

Moreover, Tissot is present in almost 160 countries of the world today and is highly regarded for its unique designs and styles.

Introduction of Tactical watch

The first tactical watch was introduced by Tissot back in the year 1999. In a ddition, the beauty of these watches lies in the fact that they are equipped with sapphire crystals which are touch sensitive in nature.

These crystals are responsible for performing many functions like thermometer, compasses, altimeter and barometer.

Time Keeping

Most of the major sporting events have named Tissot as their official time keeper. Also the watch was the official timekeeper in the Davis Cup that was held in the year 1957.

The first occasion in which the company served as the official time keeper was back in 1938 during the ski races held in Villar.

The early events used the handheld stop watches however today due to technological advancements Tissot has developed systems through which more accuracy can be achieved in different sporting events which are held today.


A Celebrity Watch

Many famous celebrities have been seen wearing the Tissot watch. And the names of some of these celebrities are Elvis Presley and Nelson Mandela.

Best of the Watches You can See the Gears -Tissot Men’s T0704051641100 (T-Complication)

Getting back to the watches you can see the gears Tissot Men’s T0704051641100 T-Compilation is an open gear watch which provides you with a unique style.

The watch looks highly attractive on your wrist and really grooms your persona. Moreover, the watch is ideal to be worn in different occasions and parties etc.

There are several features of this watch and discussing all these features would not be possible here. However some of the major features are as follows

  • The brand name of the watch is Tissot which is a reputed name in the watch industry
  • The model number of the watch is T070.405.16.411.00
  • Year of the watch is 2011
  • The overall shape of the watch is round
  • The material type of the dial window is Sapphire Crystal which has a coating that is Non-Reflective in nature
  • The overall display type of the watch is Analog
  • The watch is equipped with a Deployment Buckle

  • The case of the watch has been manufactured via stainless steel
  • The diameter of the case is 48 millimeters
  • The thickness of the case is 12
  • The band of the watch has been manufactured via Calfskin
  • The width of the band is 22 millimeters
  • The color of the band is black
  • The dial color is Skeleton
  • The bezel of the watch has been manufactured via Fixed Stainless Steel
  • The overall weight of the watch is 1.1 Pounds
  • The watch is water resistant upto 50 meters

The Final World to the Watches You Can See the Gears

Well what are you waiting for? Quickly get your hands on this fantastic piece of equipment. Anyways jump here to check out some other watches you can see the gears or skeleton watches.