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Weird H

The wh classic watch is a versatile wrist companion, perfect for everyone with stylish dress up. Its shinny face, stainless steel frame and seconds functionality give it a beautiful retro aesthetic in two color variations and backers of the project will receive one plain and two finest NATO straps for their support. Dressing up with the watch with different straps is really fun, as you could always find yourself inspired by the unusual combination with our own style.

Weird.h was launched in 2011 as a photoblog presenting the variety of ideas about men’s’ fashion – suit & tie, accessories, watches, shoes, etc. They started selling stylish watch straps with finest materials. The brand new wh classic watch creates the journey with style and the inspiration for people all around the world.

Weird.h crew has not only found the finest materials for straps: the extreme wholesale price, the wh classic watches are designed to surprise the current online watch market.

The past few years Weird.h was looking for a quality watch that wouldn’t break people bank, but found that out there was a lot of brands that were creating decent watches had serious heavy price tags.

As for the watch design, the team took their inspiration from different recent trends, especially from simple and elegant styles from this decent years. They worked on different styles and designs, and received meaningful feedback from their customers.

To aim a classic, simple outlook, they removed all unnecessary distractions which are common in modern watches out there. Following the “less-is-more” approach, they used a classic watch design with two different color-way. They picked a watch case with certain thickness about 7mm by using a special manufacturing process.

Starting at $55 on Kickstarter, these classic, brilliant watches are designed for everyday wear, while featuring the classical simple outlook.

Kickstarter campaign:

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Read the interview with the founders of weird.h

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