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Ultimate Women’s Watch Guide

How to Buy a Woman’s Watch

First things first, not all women want to wear a women’s watch. For those who don’t we have lots of amazing men’s watch styles that work.

For those who like to beauty of a ladies watch, this guide is for you. There are thousands of watches to choose from and at the Gracious Watch we try to bring you some of the best watches on the planet but even we realize choosing is hard.

Below we tried to make finding the right watch a little easier by organizing them into easy to find lists.

Each of the watches we’ve selected is beautiful, feminine and perfect to buy yourself or as a special gift for your special somebody. A watch is more than just a way to tell time, it is a reflection of the person wearing it, of their life, their style and their purpose.

If you are reading this trying to choose a watch for your wife, mom or girlfriend we know it can be intimidating and hard to navigate. At the top end is high horology with astronomical prices.

In the middle is great designer watches, both known fashion brands and watch-only purveyors. Not all designer watches are super-expensive and high-end though, with lots of great choice and variety at the lower end. There are a lot of watches you can find at almost any budget.

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Popular Women’s Watches (By Price Point)

In the women’s watch market it is very easy to pay too much for a watch. Known designer brands are all making watches now and they can get away with charging too much for watches that look great but aren’t worth it. If you like brands, expect to pay more.

In the $200 to $1,000 price range you can find nice designer quartz watches and mechanical watches from more respected watchmakers, and smaller-sized unique watch brands. Over the $1,000 mark there are great options that combine good value with traditional high-end watchmaking.

Women's Watches - Under $200
Women's Watches - $200-$500
Women's Watches - $500-$2000
Women's Watches - $2000-$5000
Women's Watches - $5000-$20000
Women's Watches - $20,000+

Popular Women’s Watch Styles

We tried to keep these watch styles simple. Find watches we’ve reviewed by style.

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Women’s Watches (By Category)

Easy to find watches reviewed by our experts. Search by category.

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Popular Women’s Watches (By Brand)

A great place to start when searching for the perfect watch is with the brands you are most familiar with. Buying from a well-established brand ensures you’re getting the best quality and reliability.

If purchasing a luxury watch, look for brands that offer after-sales care and support for repairs or maintenance. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top women’s watch brands below.

Michael Kors
TAG Heuer
Kenneth Cole
Emporio Armani
Raymond Weil
Ulysse Nardin
Stranger Time
Jorg Gray
Victorinox Swiss Army

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